I Like Him, Now What Should I Do??

Ok so here is the thing...

I had 2 boyfriends in the past and the thing is they both have the same "pattern", I met them through the internet. I used to be a "gamer", that's why.

Now the thing is both that relationships worked out really bad to me, so I don't want at all repeat the same pattern. I'm a completely normal, regular person, you would look at me and couldn't tell that I'm a gamer.

So I've met new people, some of them really interested me, though none of them was really my style. But now I met a guy, he's taking some classes with me at college. He's super nice and sweet and always says "hi" to me, the thins is... is super hot, like literally one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen... (oh god...I'm doomed...).

So the thing is on saturday I messaged him through facebook asking for his email to send him a thing from classes, but I didn't add him.

Yesterday he added me on facebook, but I noticed something (since I've been stalking his facebook for a while). Yesterday before adding me, he disliked some facebook pages that usually single men like, and also changed his profile picture. Does that indicate something?? Or is it just me dreaming?

Anyway the thing is, I like him but I don't know how to interact with boys in "this way", 'cause I've never had the experience. Like, how do you normal people get to know each other? Do you let the time go through or say straight ahead that you find that person interesting?

I don't get it...

One of my best friends is always telling me : "take it slow", but I have a terrible fear, what if the time runs out?...

2 months ago I invited a guy for a coffee like sometime and he answared like : sure, we'll see...

Never happened.

But I really like this guy...what can/sould I do? I also think he's out of my league, but well... What do you normal people do?

Should I start staring him in classes until he notices me and the smile? or will I look like a dog drooling or a creeper stalking?

Please help!
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1 Response Dec 5, 2012

based off of my experience..time does run out...i had 1 year to tell the woman i fell in love with..that i loved her...but there were complications..she was my manager..she had a boyfriend..and she is about 15 years older than me....apparently everyone that worked there knew how i felt about her..even after hearing that i still couldnt tell her...well i got fired and now that chance is over..i cant work with her and see her everyday now..and it sucks...its been 9 months since i got fired and i still have not gotten over this woman..and its driving me crazy...im not relationship expert..but my advice..tell him before semester ends and its to late....

Thanks for ansering me! :)
I'm always scared of the time factor...
I think I might have to tell him...
He asked if I had someone to do a work for college, and then asked me if I wanted to do it with him. But maybe it's just because I look like a medium good student and probably he thinks I'll do all the job.
Bah... I like him but he looks way out of my league, that's why I don't want to invite him for a coffee or something. Just sounds ridiculous... I'm a little terrefied to confront him and say like : so are we going to do the work for college? or what? Cause I don't wanna do it all alone.

I don't know...He's really nice with me and all that but he kinda looks like a "womanizer" :/ too bad