To Tell Or Not To Tell...?

So there's this guy... The first time I saw him was during our first day at university. We attend the same classes. I immediately noticed him. He is soooo cute :) Tall, dark and handsome, has great fashion style, definitely not gay, and I noticed he is really funny too. I also heard we have the same accent. It appears to be that he grew up 15 minutes away from where I grew up. It sounds all too good to be true, right?
But here's the thing... I like him -a lot- but I don't have the courage to tell him, because I am affraid to get rejected and that things will get weird. I believe that he can get a better girlfriend than me... :(
I am affraid to tell my friend, who's also in the same class, and ask her for advice, because I'm affraid she'll think I'll never make a chance with him.
So guys.... Now I'm asking you for advice...... What shall I do??? I want to tell him, but I haven't got the guts.....
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Hey imperfectlylonely!
Thanks for responding :)
I think I can trust her, she wouldn't tell anyone or make fun of me. But I never feel comfortable talking about these things. I don't know why, I am an open book basically. It just makes me feel a kind of awkward :P haha.
But... there's some good news! :D A few days ago he and I were in class together and we started talking. Ten minutes later he was filling out a form and at some point he didn't know what to write down. There was someone sitting in between us, but he asked me what to fill in :). I'm not sure if that means anything, but he could also have asked someone else?
A bit later we were working in an open computer area and we were all sitting throughout the room. So I walked up to a bunch of people I know because I had a question (he was also sitting there). I asked pretty much in general, but he looked up smiling and answered :D (It was very cute by the way, hahaha)
There might be happening something between us soon, but I am still not sure about it.
I am so scared to make the first move... and I am not sure if he will. What if he is as shy as I am?! :o

I really think I can relate with you, haha, I'm also like an "open book" or at least my friends say it!

If you can trust her, I would totally ask her and ask if she notices anything, I understand the "awkward " factor kind of thing.

Did he know the person sitting in the middle? I'm not saying like friends, I'm saying like someone you "only know".
If that is so, that might indicate some interest!!!

if he didn't know at all the person between you both it means that he wanted to ask you 'cause you were the only person near that he knows.

Hehehe he looks cute, that is awesome, it shows that he cares about you and likes you, now you just have to see if it is in a more "friend" way or hopefully in a more "romantic way"

That's the thing if he's as shy as you, I talked to a "guy" friend yesterday about this topic.
who told me I couldn't wait like forever to a guy make his move. We should meet like kind of halfway, but if you have to do a first move, do it, if he goes ahead that is awesome. If he doesn't, too bad he will lose you!
And there are some guys who just don't normally do the first move.

If you want to see my story maybe somehow you can relate!

I'm really cheering for you! if something more happens and you can't write anymore through this site, email me to : , 'cause I would love to know how you're story will end!! :)

Okay I'll help you ! Loved your story! I so kinda feel in the same page!
So if I were you, is that girl really your friend? or is it there a chance that she'll tell anything to anyone? If you can trust her than tell her, I don't she'll ever say you'll never get a chance, that's just an horrible thought and I don't think people can even think that or say it outloud.

If you can trust her, ask her for an advice, I'm really like you, I never have the guts, but if you see things, if you'll never tell nothing will ever happen. You have at least to try, I know it sounds easy, cause I'm just talking.

But really, you have to take a chance or you'll regret forever and be stucked with an huge "what if", and no one likes that. I like a guy in my college I'm not going to tell him, because we're just meeting and stuff but in January he's leaving college so by that time and let's see how things develop I will tell him I'm interested, if he is or he's not, is he's fault.

And you should never feel "under" that, and if he doesn't like, he's the one who is losing 'cause just the fact that you come here asking this, shows how much love you can give him. :)

Be strong, I would tell him if I were you, you got not much to lose and so much you could win, and I think you're just like me and you can't handle with an "what if" for the rest of your life