My Crush Is The Most Confusing Guy Ever

Right now I'm really frustrated and I have lots of unanswered questions. This is a LONG and complicated story so I hope you guys would read until the end and give me some advice ^^

When I started high school that's when I started falling for my crush. I never liked a total stranger before in my whole life. Sounds like a "love at first sight" scenario but I found him different and also cute aha. I was so shy around him whenever I see him I start smiling and whenever I'm around him I get really shy, which is unlike me. But I felt happy. This happened over and over for about a month, until my friend decided to do something. . .

My friend was in my crush's history class. She told him that I like him and showed him what I looked like. Later on he told my friend he wanted my number (idk why he wanted my number he said he lost his SIM card OTL) and found me on facebook. Ever since he added me we've been talking every day and we enjoyed each other's company. When we chat he flirts to me a lot and I would flirt back some time. We wanted to talk to each other in person but we were both too shy!

I had second opinions about whether he was a player or flirt at that time cause he flirted a lot. I asked my friend that and she said he doesn't act like that around other girls cause he's shy. That's when I knew he liked me.

Then one day while we were talking online he finally admitted that he liked me. I was so happy but I don't know if he said he liked me as a friend of more than that. The signals he usually gave me was that he flirts and jokes around with me but not with other girls, he seemed like he cared about me, and he would look at me a lot when I was around and smile at me. He knew I liked him back...but I didn't wanna rush things and start dating. I don't know if he was serious. We still haven't talked yet.

It took a few weeks until we started talking in real life. I gave him a picture I promised him I would draw for him and he was touched. It was awkward but a few weeks later we would slowly be talking to each other more and getting a little more comfortable with each other. But it's still a long way until we open ourselves up to each other.

(We then made a little bet and I won. He had two choices: to sing or take me out. He chose to sing for me but then he wanted to take me out so I had to wait a couple more months until he gets his license aha <3)

This is where all my questions appear.

It's almost Christmas and I was planning to give him a present. I was planning to make truffles and add a pair of couple keychains (I want to see if he would give me the other keychain but if he doesn't then oh well) Is it a good idea or should I pass?

This week was horrible though. We haven't talked much this week cause he's busy, and I understand that. But he's never on and I get a little sad. The only time we talked was on Monday in person and on facebook yesterday. He would usually look at me when im in class but he just walked by without even looking. Also, ever since we started talking in person I came to realize that he barely flirts with me anymore. He would flirt with me once in awhile but only online. When he's around me he's quiet and acts normal. We usually talk after lunch and he would walk me to my class. But this week, the only thing we did was wave at each other. He was waiting for me and I just ignored him. Twice. On Tuesday and today. I don't know if he noticed it and I don't know why i did it...I feel guilty cause he wanted me to talk to him every day he says.

All these things bother me because...what if he's losing interest in me? Should I just apologize that I ignored him? Do you think he likes me as a friend or more than that? Why did he stop flirting with me? I want him to open up to me but how do I do that? If he is losing interest in me how do I keep making him interested?

I just feel so confused now and ugh, I hate liking somebody right now it's so hard and painful. If you're reading this and read the whole thing and gave advice then bless you and thank you for listening to me LOL
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this is normal... its crush leading to crash