The Game That U Play With My Heart

I'm seriously confused and can't turn to my friends for help. I would appreciate any advice or opinions!
So last summer I started hanging out with this guy in my class - the foundation of our friendship was getting drunk and going skinny dipping (I know, not good). Since then we have become really close as friends, but iv spent all of my free time either with him, texting him, or thinking about him. I told him a while ago that I had feelings for him, and he seemed uncomfortable talking about it, so i dropped it. He's never been good at talking about feelings... I brushed it off by saying I'd get over it. A month later we were hanging out in his room and he kissed me... Since then we have been messing around in secret.
When we're alone he strokes my hair and holds me close and tells me stuff iv always dreamed of being told <3 in public he acts like nothing is going on between us- like we're just friends.
Iv made it pretty obvious I'm not over my crush for him yet.
Is he just keeping me around because I'm a nice little ego boost for him? Or does he actually have feelings back for me and is just too ashamed / scared to let anyone know?
I like the attention I get when we are alone, and don't want to lose that.. Telling him that I still have feelings for him could either make my dreams come true, or wreck the one tiny bit of happiness I have left... What should I do?? :/
theartstudent theartstudent
18-21, F
Dec 10, 2012