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So i sorta been having this crush on this guy. It was sorta like i saw him and i was attracted to him, i didn't know his name or anything about him. Soon i came to realize we had P.E together on fridays and well i wanted to get to know him. Today i saw that he was friends with one of my guy friends and then my best friend told me to ask our guy friend about him. Well i ended up talking to my guy friend about him so now he knows i like the guy, and he told me that he'll help me out in knowing the guy and well actually start to talk to him. I'm really nervous for school tomorrow since i see the guy when were passing periods to go to class and i feel like it might be awkward if my friend told him something. Am starting to wonder if i should of ever asked my guy friend for his help?
Sophia508 Sophia508
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2 Responses Dec 12, 2012

Guys usually don't do that if their friends with you. Good luck.

Don't worry about it. If your guy friend is a true friend, he got your back. :)

I know c: and today well actually went pretty good it wasn't awkward! :D