Well, Actually...not Really.

A twist on this group. I'll write about someone crushing on me since I've never had someone like him like me, that I had to write about this experience.. he is an age difference crushee.

SO I think this guy has a crush on me.

It all started when he began talking to me some more. Even the others noticed it too, they would tell him ohh leave her alone. Since I was working on something it could be applied to leave me alone I'm working or leave her alone as to stop crushing on her. I think it was aimed at the latter meaning, especially since I didn't know he was way older than me. I think, because I told him where I was from, that he now thinks I'm "exotic."
Ever since then he has been nicer to me.

Then there was an instance when he was telling his friend I was soo "exotic". I guess she got jealous because she yelled at him [since I was facing the girl and not him] to stop checking me out in front of her. I turn to him and he was like haha thanks for making it awkward. I decided to leave. His friend is an ******* for calling him out on it. lmao I don't even mind!

Another time after a program he asks me if I had a ride. I told him yeah. I swear he would have asked me out then in the manner he was inquiring.
Then one day he was asking me in front of some friends that when I was old enough that I should join them on going to a bar with them in a "joking" way. His friend was like..no man. Mostly cuz that friend thinks I'm lame lmao, but the friend is actually nice to me.

Then one day one of my friends decides to ask him how old he was and he kind of didn't want to tell him since I was there. It turns out he is 5 years older than me! He tries to say people tell him he looks younger, but his friend is like..lol no you don't. I swear his friends are against it I think. lmao.
lol after the friend leaves, he asks me..so now you think I'm old now huh? lol

Since I don't really like him I told him yeah. lol what he doesn't realize is that I don't mind the age difference lmao.

But I don't really like the guy..or actually I don't let myself like him. I don't like what he's doing with his life/where he works ( i.e. I don't see him going anywhere with his life) and I don't want to exert energy on pushing him to do something if we were to date... so I don't allow any feelings to develop.  Also, I wouldn't date someone who suddenly had an interest in me because I was exotic. so meh I don't feel too bad for thinking this way. I'm flattered though, but I'm kind of glad the age difference is throwing him off.

What's funny, was that when I first met him and after hearing what kind of girls he likes....... I don't fit that description at all. lol I was like darn he's such a cool guy too, too bad I don't excite any interest in him hahahaha. wow how things change in life.
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Jan 6, 2013