Just Lost!

sorry for my weak English.
I loved a girl a lot nobody can imagine, even I cried for her.
When I was in 10th a girl used to come in my home for tuition. After sometime her cousin started to come with her. She was not a very beautiful girl. And we never talked.
But suddenly she started to wink me. I shocked that why she is doing this. I just ignored.
She kept doing it finally I asked her why you doing this she are replied I like you...
Then just we made a friendship. And I was in love with her.
Then she went to Dubai without any notice. I just crushed, I spent a lot of time just thinking that what’s
Happened to me. I tried to forget her.
After a long time about 8 years later she come again and called me asked me for some work. I did it. I was  
Happy inside. Then she started to call me frequently mostly at night. We kept talking all night.
Then I said her I love you. I love you from a long time. She said me I love you too.
I was in deep love, even I left to see girls, whenever I see a girl no matter how beautiful is she, I think  
That my love is most beautiful in this world. I stopped looking at girls. I can do anything for her.
But she betrayed me; whatever she told me about herself was 80% lie.
I caught her many times but she used to lie and she lied very beautifully.
But I want live with her for entire life, I want to forgive and forget everything, I gave her chance.
I send my proposal to her home but her mom denied and said she is engaged. I shocked but she said to me that  
Her mom is telling a lie.
I believe her and said that we should do marriage by court, she denied.
And she stared me avoid.
I talk to her brother and I was just surprised when he told me that she has been married two years ago and departure (رخصتی ) will be in couple of month and he swear his mother.
I just amazed surprised shocked... I just wanted to die...
I don’t know why she did this... I just loved her.
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Jan 8, 2013