Work Crush

i have a crush on someone I should not. It is a guy I work with. What the ****? I usually can distance my self but wow....I find him attractive and I can't tell him :( What do I do?
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7 Responses Jan 8, 2013

Don't do it. You will regret it big time!!

you know the hazards !!!!! can you see the GIGANTIC RED FLAG !!

xxoo're still setting yourself up for one big fall. I hope you work through this and nit follow through on anything.

Its hard not to, though I mean I have a crush on my LECTURER I have had it for months now. I hate it, yet i like this feeling it makes me feel alive...I dunno if he likes me back...he might but I'm not getting all the signals to indicate he does, so I'd never act on my crush that'd be asking for trouble. Imagine me starting a fling with him his rep would be in tatters because of ME!. No thanks I prefer to admire from afar, for now...

Work relationships never seem to work out for the best in my experience

A work mate once gave me a valuable bit of advice and it goes a little somethin' like this..Don't screw the Crew!

Avoid him like the plague. You really don't want to act out on your crush with a coworker.

You need to figure out what the attraction is. Is it physical, emotional or what. You are lonely and maybe you sense he is as well. I will tell you that things like this at work can have real disaster written all over them.