My Life : Another Crush

I liked this guy last year and I told a few of my friends. I know right BIG MISTAKE. As you would expect word got out and im pretty sure he found out. Thing is we never really spoke and we have never spoken at all except on few occasions because of school. He would stare at me in class he still does ,but before I used to catch his eyes and we just stare at each other and you could just feel this spark well from my part anyway. now he stares at me but I don't meet his eyes because I cant. once he waited for at the end of a class we had together everyone had come out and he was about to say something when a turned my head quickly away he was at the door but he just turned around and left. one thing is for sure I felt like crap afterward but I dint know what to do I was scared and dint know what he was going to say. another time I remember when ever I had to pick up papers the teacher would tell people to pass them up and he would sometimes poke my arm to give me the papers but he dint this one time. He actually seemed mad and pushed it was after a friend had given me something for valentines day. the next day we where in that class again and he said something to the teacher about the subject we where studying but I laughed with the class , after the teacher explained she asked if he had questions and he said no cuz whatever he said was stupid. He never said anything like that and the only time I laughed at what he said he said this maybe he was mad cuz I laughed?? im not sure just random things happened all year. His ex even hates me but I know its cuz she knows I liked him yet a year later I still wonder does he still stare cuz he likes me or cuz he knows I liked him?? *comment???
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Jan 9, 2013