Not Faiirrrr

ugghhhh its official. I have a crush. Great. Now I feel sad and upset when I dont get to see his face :( worst part is we barely know eachother, he works at a grocery store, he probably just sees me as a customer. He has a gf aswell, and she works at the same place as him. This triple sucks. Why did I have to let myself fall so hard!? I always just thought he was cute, but great, now I like the guy. I only see him when I go there for like a second. and sometimes he comes into my work or walks past. Thats the worst part, I only see him in small doses which makes it even harder to stop thinking about him. I am kinda just waiting for the day they break up....but even then, I am just a customer. Why would he notice me? I mean there have been some moments...but maybe they are in my head. arghhh help I am lovestruck :'(
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You're young I had infatuations with lots of young guys at your age and that's normal! I am now twenty eight, and have a crush on my lecturer, its terrible I thought I was over crushes, but no. He is just beautiful. I don't think he has a gf, but he's still very much forbidden fruit. He is about my age give or take a year or so. I thought he liked me a little but realise now I was being silly. He is out of my league. Hes gorgeous. Good luck, but just have your crush the way it is for now, a crush, The only way I would tell him is if he splits from his gf!

ahhh thats annoying! your lecturer, damn :( Yeah definitely no way I am going there while he has a gf, I would never be that girl haha! I am kinda just trying to not think about him as much and just kinda say to myself its just an infatuation and I dont really know him and he may not be as great as I think he is in person blah blah! Its kinda working so yay!

I know right? He is so fit! Dark haired and green eyed! His eyes are amazing! He is single too, and I find myself getting jealous of other girls in his presence. I know, I feel ashamed of myself and I'm not the jealous type! LOL! Good luck though with this crush or another you might have in the future!!

Wow that does sound dreamy ^_^ hahaha it is only normal to feel jealousy don't worry! Hehe thanks! And good luck to you too, and in the future!

Hey there,I fully understand what your going through and I'm sure that you realize that it is an attraction you feel towards this guy,but he has a gf!There are plenty of available guys out there,try not to close yourself off from other potential men who would want to get to know you.Good luck and I'm sure you will meet someone special real soon!