Buddhist Temple Seduction

He made himself visable and open to me.Had he not been standing there staring and smiling at me,I probably would not have noticed him.I was at the time engaged in conversation with someone,and he kept staring and smiling at me until I looked at him.I don't think I even smiled back!The smile was one of kindness,not a dirty leer at my breasts or butt though I did wonder if he was a creep and was this temple some sort of religious sect.I have never experienced someone staring and smiling at me for such a length of time,I really didn't know what to make of it all.
As it turns out I meet him two weeks later after the meditation class, over a cup of tea.I suffer from social anxiety and found having afternoon tea with strangers quite confronting,but I was determined to face my fears and get amongst it all.I saw a lady sitting alone and thought that it would be good to sit with her rather than a full table of people.As I was about to sit down two guys came and joined us.I managed to introduce myself,asked if they lived around here and smiley guy (Lucas) had a surprised look on his face and replied by saying that he and scott lived there at the temple.Lucas didn't say much else other than asking me if I had a family and did I enjoy the meditation class.It wasn't until I got home that day that I realized that Lucas was the guy who had been staring at me that time!I really didn't give it too much thought but after having an afternoon nap a few days later,I woke up thinking I like him.
And I haven't been able to stop thinking about him since.The next time I saw him,he was again standing there with the biggest smile on his face and as I walked into the room and saw him,I thought I have met my match,I can't go any higher than this.It was such a strange thought to have about someone you don't know,but I guess I have never fallen in love with a man that I don't know.
He has crystal blue eyes,that I want to look into forever,shaved blonde hair,a lap that I want to crawl into and an incredible sweet disposition about him.He is beautiful.I have never thought that about any man,what a great feeling to have,just when I had resigned myself to the fact that there wasn't any decent men out there.Out of nowhere this awesome person comes into my life to remind me that it's going to be okay and that there is hope.
Although nothing has really happened with Lucas,it's been fantastic to feel that someone possibly likes me and pays attention to me.I am quite overwhelmed by my feelings for him,they are very intense and I'm really not sure if he feels the same or is he just a friendly guy who thought I needed to be smiled at.
bessnzeek bessnzeek
31-35, F
Jan 11, 2013