<3 <3 <3

i have a crush on one of cousin`s friends he is 9 or 10 years older than me ,,,and OH i don`t think that god has created anything more beautiful than this creature ..he is a good guy ,a very good guy.
he is so quiet but soooo funny he is so attractive that kind of people that u just want to stare at for hours and hours ,,he clothes are really cute ( i know that u can`t see clothes as cute ) but they just are.he is incredibly popular with his friends and family and it seems like everybody looves him.
he is a very good writer too.i just wanna put him in front of me and stare at him :( but i can`t reach him ,,he doesn`t even know that i exist. i just saw him today and my heart was jumping from joy and i stared at him unwillingly smiling :)...oh god plz make him mine :(
Jan 11, 2013