What Have I Done?

I like a guy,He like(Or liked) me.We both could not admit it.
I'm a nerd.He is not.
We are in the 10th grade.
He is so cute,His hair,His smile,Everything.
We argued all the time.
It was the only way I knew how to deal with our feelings.
He would always turn around to look at me.I would look away.
He smiled at me,I would melt.
Then one day we got into another arguement in i hit him in the back.
I had many times before But this time EVERYONE heard.
mr Turant moved his seat.
Now my man doesn't even smile at me,And if we talk(Argue)I am the one to intiate it.
I look at him,But I don't think he even care's.

I shall give up on crushes starting today.Maybe Love,Too.

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1 Response Jan 14, 2013

It was just a mistake you guys just have to work some stuff out :P Yeah or Yeah?