When He Found Out I Liked Him. [Part 1]

Hello people. <3

So, there's this boyyyyy at school, Let's call him Army, he is very attractive and many girls sorta like him. I hear many girls say how cute he is and stuff. He is in ROTC for those who don't know what that is, it's basically Army drills and they work out a lot. He has an amazing smile I'M NOT KIDDING! His teeth is super straight and perfectly white. He is very handsome.

Army is a Junior in my High School, ME TOO! I've known who he was since last year but I never really had the courage to actually talk him because he kinda looked rude and serous. Yet, he was unbelievably cute.

..A Year Ago

I had him for 0 period (6:50 AM class) Choir and English. Sadly, I got out of 0 period choir because of family issues but I had English with him. He was amazing at reciting poems, he was very into it because his facial expressions.

Then TWO of my friends told me they liked him (individually). I couldn't like him anymore because they told me that they have talked to him and said he is very flirty. My heart sunk and just sorta laughed it off. One of the friends who likes him began to talk to him. She said he extremely nice and easy to talk to. My OTHER friend met him and HUGGED him and she told me he gave her his 'look' that means he thinks she is pretty. According to this girl who knows him said that. I thought is was stupid. ha! Anywhoooo, I knew I had to get over this stupid crush.

8 Months Ago

The first time I talked to him was kinda embarrassing and awkward. I was with my friend during English class our teacher let us do what we wanted to do trough out the rest of the period and my friend said, "Let's got talk to him!" I was like, "Nooo!" She looked at me and added, "Either way you're coming with me because I need to give him a list of songs I want him to add to my iPod." So I looked down and said, "Fine!" We walked over to his desk and he was there standing with his earphones on with his eye's closed. My friend tapped him and he smiled. That smile was to die for. I'm not even kidding. I stood there as him and my friend tlk about him putting her the songs. He listens to Screamo, Death Metal and Alternantive Rock, Now where from my taste of music. So I had to say something stupid, "I like Justin Bieber!" They both looked at me and ignored me. I was like well that was stupid. Then he turned back around and said, "Justin Beaver is Gay!" he then laughed. Yup, that was the first time we talked. Stupid right?

Then I sorta stopped liking him and he became another irrelevant person in my life. I still thought he was amazingly cute.

5 Months Ago...

School began once again and I had him for two classes, 2nd Period (Regular Class) Choir but I never really payed attention to him then either but you see he always looked at me in that class. A LOT! I'm pretty loud in that class but even when I do not talk him, I caught him looking at me.

October 8th

We had a substitute teacher and you know what happens when you have a substitute around, kids get wild. I mean Army is quite quiet and serious and I was kind of scared to approach him that day. With a little help with my friends they pushed me to talk to him. Good thing i dressed up nice that day! He was sitting alone with no one around and I was like this is perfect. I'm so pathetic. I walked up the risers and he looked up to see who came in front him.
"Oh, Hi Stephanie." He smiled at me/
"Well hello Army." I responded, "Loner." I then added after my greet.
"Hey I'm doing my work." he smiled.
"You got some wrong." I laughed.
"Did not! He reviewed his paper.
"There is no such thing as I flat in music history!" I laughed.
He looked and then he began to laugh.
"Shhhhhhh!!!" He laughed telling me to shut up.

That's just how we started. From what I remembered, we talked about our favorite childhood show and we kept talking about how I speak Spanish. He told me about his military stuff. We had a decent conversation about our interests.

During the week

I decided to message him on Facebook and we began to know each other more. I got to know the real Army. He was not serious and mean. He was the nicest person I ever met. Our conversations began as getting to know each other. That is until I found out he had a girlfriend. He told me she was lovely and I guess I sorta devolved feeling while we messaged and talked during class. We began to mess around during class and he began to talk to me first. Instead of me messaging first, He messaged me first. I began to develop more and more feelings with this boy. My friend told me I should stop because I was going to be hurt in the end. Guess what? I didn't listen. I should of have. I kinda didnt really care if he had a girlfriend so I continued. then I began to realize what Iwas doing was wrong. So I stopped flirting. I was just a friend.

October 15

Choir festival.

The night I realized this boy was amazing.
The choir festival started at 7PM and ended at 9PM. Before that, I couldn't wait because Me and Army agreed to sit next to each other in the school bus. And we called eachother 'Bus Buddies'.
First, my friends wanted to sit next to me but I told them I was going to be with Army. They agreed and said, that it looks like he likes me. I kinda believed it because Gahhh, I don't know how to explain it Ha.
We sat next to each other and he LITERALLY took all the space. I mean he is not fat or skinny he has the right amount of meat in the right places. But he just spreads his legs too far out. I laughed and told him to scoot over but that didn't work out. He got closer to me pushing me against the window of the bus. "Are you comfortable enough?" he laughed. I pushed him off me causing both of us to chuckle. i decided to take a picture of both of us and I don't know If I should post it. You tell me (: After that, We sat there and he was acting crazy! I was putting on my mascara and he just stared at me as I did. I said "What?" he laughed and looked down. My friends screamed out, "I dare you to curl his eye brows!!" I looked at him for his approval and he nodded. I grabbed his jaw, putting myself in front of him. He closed his eye's and kept peeking out. I began laughing and grabbed his cheek. I brought the eye lash curler next to his eye and clamped it. I got his skin causing him to say "ow!!" All my friends began to laugh and I felt extremely bad!
"Are you okay?" I said.
"Yeah." He smiled.
I smiled and told my friends to shut their mouths. I brought my iPod out again and started listening to my best boy band ever, One Direction<3 He took my earphones out of my ears and forced his earphones on my ears!
"What are you doinggg!!" I screamed trying to get his horrid music out of my precious ears LOL.
"Shhhh!!" He shushed me, "Just listen." He whispered.
"No!" I tried to pull his hand out of my ear(because he was holding the earphone in my ear)
"Shhh!" he hushed again.
I gave up and I just sat there with my arms crossed. Then finally he took it off.
"Happy?" He smiled.
"Very." I glared at him.
After that fun bus ride. We finally got to the school. It was 6:30 PM and it was chilly. Me and Army decided to sit next to each other whilst we heard different choirs perform. I began to feel sick because of my nerves and I ran out to catch some fresh air. My friend went after me and comforted me. We walked in just in time to perform. Army at the other hand hugged me. I was like.. this is the first time we hugged. He hugged me tight and asked if I was okay. I said yeah and he hugged me okay. Then everyone from my choir class hugged me
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Jan 15, 2013