Tonight we had a church thing tonight, and Justin, of course. Well, I noticed he had a picture of a girl as his backround on his phone, I pretended not to notice. Considering it wasn't there the previous week when I was with him for a church thing late at night.
Well, it started off in the room, our knees were together and such. he didn't seem to mind, he just brushed against me and stuff. So I didn't care to much about it. Then during actual church, there was somebody inbetween us and he had his arm on the pew occasionally tapping and flicking my shoulder.
Then on the ride home, his grandfather drives and I'm always last. We were seated and right before we got ready to pull out. Justin shifted everybody to where he was in the seat in front of me with me directly behind him so that I could play with his hair, then we got into this big arguement over who has dibs over who. So I wrapped my arms around him saying he was mine, and he got upset when I said the Cat is mine too, thinking he should be the only one with dibs. But well people started to file out of the Van. Then it was just me and him, I think his grandfather knew there's something going on. But then he just flirted around and acted like he didnt have the girlfriend he was talking about less than an hour before. But were having another over night thing at church, and I'm figuring if I should tell him my secret crush or not too. I'm not really sure of what to do. Any advice.?
ArtsyJayde ArtsyJayde
13-15, F
Jan 21, 2013