Alot of people wanted me to do a story about scott. Hes actially next to me right now on the couch. We're watching signs. Haha. Ok. So i met him in lunch. First time we met, he was in front of me in the lunch line and saw that i was playing temple run. He turned and saaid i love that game. I said ooh me too. We started being friends quick. He asked for my number and we were instantly best friends. Hes like 5'9, blonde with dark blue eyes. Hes really cute. I was very surprised of how we gt to talk lol. One day he was texting me and admitted he always had his eye on me in school and he likes me. I told him i did too but i have a bf. (Ex) , so he was sad but he was still best friends wth me. Well yesterday and today im going through abreak up. And yesterday i went to school and i didnt talk to no one not even him. He called me yesterday and i never answered. Today, he came t my house and met my parents and my dad actually likes him haha. Anyway, we sat on the living room couch and he asked what was going on with me. I started bursting out crying. He got up real fast and said who hurt u!!! I was like no one. He said he doesnt believe me. I told him egrything and i was crying through the whole talk. He gave out a tear too. He hugged me and told me that my ex is stupid and im too good for him. Scott really comforted me. And still is lol. We are nit bf or gf but i wanna get to know him first better. So just so u guys know im getting taken care of... i am.
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Jan 29, 2013