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The Long Awaited First Crush

This is such a weird, scary, and fun feeling. I haven't felt this way since I can remember. Maybe never. I've never been inlove, but infatuated with the idea and desire of it.

I'm an asexual homo-romantic and so is she. She lives 35 minutes away, goes to college in the same area and we have so much in common. I find that I start to think about her every day now. My mind keeps playing over her pictures and things she's into on the online dating sites in my head. Which we are on 3 of them together. 

She is a romantic and so am I. I fantasize about holding her hand, kissing each other and spending the day together just being ourselves. Laughing over silly stuff and going on double dates. I think about showing her off to my best friend (because my bestie is so important I want to share something like this with her.) 

I dream about us cuddling in bed at night to a good movie, talking about everything and nothing. Guess I am scared because this really happened fast and I think it was too fast. I barley know her. We' been talking since November but not long enough for me to ask her out. 

I just know that I have all these exciting feelings pinned up and I am trying really hard to wait for the right time to ask her after we've gotten to know each other better. And I've never asked anyone out and never been in a position where I could be rejected. So I'm trying my best to stay positive and if she says no then oh well and if she says yes then yay me! 

So many things going on right now. 2013 is definitely my year! 
SuperMagicMuffin SuperMagicMuffin 22-25, F Jan 29, 2013

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