So when thinking of something to call him....

So obviously when making up a name to remain anonymous I couldn't think of a name... Well I did now. From now on he is referred to as "lance" So heres the deal: I have a huge crush on this guy who rides my bus! His name is Lance. :) He is super sweet (he is also one of my guy friends older brother) . So today I was on the bus and when he got on ( he is a freshman, I'm am 8 th grader) he sat next to me. It was almost my te to get off, and he started to tickle me. I am super ticklish, so I like melted. When it was time to get off, he told me he would stop and hugged me. Then I was getting up and he tickled me again. I told him to stop and he hugged me from behind and it was super sweet....... I'll keep you updated ;)
Dailydaisy Dailydaisy
13-15, F
Jan 29, 2013