Well Shes Beautiful

Now the first time I saw her I was walking down the hall of my new high school and I was kind of staring... staring so long I didn't see the janitors mopping supplies and tripped all over it... I caught sight of her laughing which made my heart melt.. it was beautiful. Anyways I picked myself up and left. but she wouldn't leave my mind so I decided to talk to her the next day. An acquaintance of mine told me a little about her about how she is a foreign exchange student from Saudi Arabia and how I shouldn't talk to her.. well no punk rock was going to get in my way of this beautiful flower. (Haha cheesy I know) so I approached her and introduced myself and whatnot.. as it turned out she speaks little English and of course this did not stop me. We talked for awhile and she was pretty interested and we talk a lot now but I do not know how to further my relationship with her I really like her and I'm starting to think she likes me too. Help anyone. Thanks
klusterfuk klusterfuk
18-21, M
Jan 30, 2013