Not Really Sure...

I'm starting to like someone. My classmate to be specific. He likes someone else though. I don't know why I started liking him. He was just a friend before but things kind of changed when we talked. I'm still confused about this "crush" but I think I like him.

He's nice to me and fun to be with. At one point when I was kind of lonely because of something and he was near me, he just started singing in a funny way which made me laugh that I forgot about what was worrying me. Then, last month when the whole class had a little trip to the home for the aged to reflect, I kind of cried a little and he was there again. He teased me about crying then told me not to cry anymore.

I think I like him... I'm just not yet sure because I easily fall for someone I like... And I know it'll only be one-sided since, like I said, he likes someone else.
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2 Responses Feb 6, 2013

Go do it tell him how you feel :o life is too short to sit around and wait. I had crushes that I never told them that I liked them. I feel super sad about it but now a days I feel like being bold and just go with it. It's super rewarding of they like you back but you will never know unless you tried :)

Those things are kinda scary to think about, I agree. It could possibly make things awkward between you guys. This kind of thing is tough :/ but it doesn't hurt to try. And if you do try and he totally shuts down that should say a lot about your friendship. If he's an awesome person he wouldn't be too freaked out that you like him :) so if you plan on telling him be very subtle and gentle about it :) and it's ok if you hold back your feelings too if you feel that it might ruin the friendship :) you never know what can happen whether good or bad. It's either you play it safe and keep it too yourself or take a risk and tell him how you feel :)

I fel you. I am not as old as everyone else, but ive had many crushes, only to see them lying, thinking of what could have been. I am nownin love with my best friend. Shes perfect. I dont know how to tell her, but i know im in love. For you, just tell him. Youbseem like real close, so why not? The worse he could say is no, right? And if you two are really friends, you will keep your relationship as friends. At least he would know.