I Have A Crush

I think I have a crush cuz every time he comes near me I get warm and when he touches me I get the shivers and it is kind of strange. I don't know if he even notices me cuz we aren't in the same class. Oh well. Maybe some day I'll get enough courage to talk to him but until then...
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1 Response Feb 8, 2013

I would reccomend you to check him out first. See how he acts around you. And try to become friends. Ive through what youre feeling and i got my heart broke. I wouldnt want that feeling for no one else. Still im glad she broke my heart. It made me into what i am today. And it helped me understand the ones around me even better than i already did

Thanks for the advice- r u stalking me? U r leaving comments at all my different stories, did u get my message?

... im not stalking anybody... its just what i do. i check people who add me and i try to help them or give them advice in whatever i can. Its just in my nature. I do that with everybody.

It's smart but it is a little strange... Check your mail please

its empty

Really? That's strange- I wrote u a message

yeah havent receivrd anything

I just resent it- check again

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