Those Times When I'M A Girl

Usually I'm more of a tomboy. I play video games, I tend to get along with more boys than girls and I don't dress up all girly and stuff. I only dress up if the occasion is important. And sometimes I will dress up if there is a guy who I defiantly want to dress up for. One time I act like a girl. The only times I act girly is just for a guy, you know, to get their attention. So lately I been a very emotional Whiney girl over some guy that I really like. Best thing, well kinda, he kinda likes me too but he doesn't want to push for a relationship. Even though, he wanted me to be his girlfriend in the beginning. He was super persistent about it and such. But at the time he made his advances to me I had a boyfriend that he didn't necessarily know about. I think he's cute, he's like a freaking teddy bear :3. I like guys like that. And he is serious in what he wants. Maybe he thought I was playing games with him when I hammered him with all kinds of questions. I'm just curious :c but I really hope I can get him to open up to me one freaking way or another.
Lilcrazyducky93 Lilcrazyducky93
18-21, F
Feb 8, 2013