Oh God

I do. On a guy who wears leopard print trousers and zebra print jackets and chiffon scarfs and plays bass and guitar like a ******* demon.





what the **** is wrong with me? his hair is bigger than mine and he wears more eyeliner, and thats saying a ******* lot.



seriously..... i have issues...

Tesse Tesse 18-21, F 20 Responses Dec 5, 2008

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haha if only miserys mother had told him that.

*Humming* "My mommy said not to put boobs on my shoes..boobs on my shoes...boobs on my shoes..."

On that note, I'm off to bed.


LTD, whom are you channeling here? :-)

or shoes on your boobs.

haha..... no.

in our country boobs are apparently something you put on shoes, well pictures of them at least.

Wouldn't that be nice?

What are boobs in your country? lol

what about your toe socks? they have boobs on them?!

my toe socks?

see, I teased misery endlessly when he told me about them, but they're actually quite cute..... dont tell him i said that though :P


I know Im crazy.... but this is pushing it even for me.....

of all the things I need therapy for, this probably tops the list :P

haha I didnt see his socks.... they were hidden by purple glittery winklepickers. oh god, whats wrong with me?

You for got the fuzzy toe socks...

Those kind of bring the rest together. : )


I couldnt bring myself to do it..... if it hadnt been Dan then maybe.... grrr to mindfuckness.

hahha...... you in blue leopard print and red zebra *****? beautiful image dear!

I didn't know you felt this way,, You do know I have a girl friend right?

*walks away into the sunset with guitar strapped across back*

singing do wa diddy ditty dum ditty dooo

it was probably for the best, ill see him again..... and two guys in a day really really really wouldnt be healthy. at all. ick!

he's amazingly cute.

and he kissed me.

and what did i do?

went home.

silly tesse.

I know!!!!!!!!!

whats wrong with me moo?????? seriously..... hes cute as ****! he really is.....