Sometimes You Find Someone That Makes All the Storms Go Away.

There's someone I know, when I spoke to her, I could feel that she hurt the way I did. I listened to the stories about her life and I could see the same pain that I deal with all the time. It was that rare moment when I connected with someone.


She dosen't talk to me anymore, probably because I became frantic and tried to make her stick around. It's not that I admire her, its that the calm in the storm she provided was such a rare and beautiful feeling.

AnarcistNutter AnarcistNutter
5 Responses Jan 18, 2009

Oh she dissapeared. I hooked up with someone more longterm in the meantime :)

It's making me pretty strong though. I mean, all the **** i've lived through, i'm just short of heroic at t his point :P

Eh, i'm not blaming her. I mean I *am* pretty insane.

It is a rare thing... and it's such a shame she doesn't talk to you any more. It's really hard not to come on too strong, or not to appear a little desperate or clingy (that's me I'm talking about, btw), when you find someone like that. Not fair, huh?

It is a very rare and beautiful thing to find a connection such as this. Perhaps it's a glimpse into knowing that we aren't all alone in this world.