Lisa Lisa

for a married man i sure like a lot of people.theres this wonderful women named lisa i work with.she is tall thick and oh so beautiful.i would just love to take her home and give her a nice bubble bath with candles and strawberries and soft music and a whole lot of condoms,lol.her *** is so fat.her long black hair is just calling for me to grab it.were good friends and she knows i like her.i would do anything-anything for wont ever happen but i will always love her friendship
26-30, M
4 Responses Jan 17, 2007

i miss prayer very much but shes gone never to return cedric.its a long sad story.

What happened to Prayerworks? I thought you guys were madly in love?

my ex wife cheated on me while i was busy daydreaming,lol.f da hore

Hi! My name is Lisa... bring on the bubbles!! lol. Just kidding! Well, not about the bubbles and goodies and stuff.