The New Hairdresser

We have a new hair dresser in town well she isn’t really that new now but I have only been going to her for about a year now so new to me, not the rest of the town, so anyway I’ve only ever seen her in her work place and dressed in jeans and so on so you couldn’t really tell what she looked like she always had things hiding her figure, well last week I was getting my hair done by her, and we were talking and then got talking about computers and she asked me to help her out so being a nice person I did the next day I went and picked up the thing she wanted me to have a look at and it took me all over 3 minutes to figure it out so of course I went and back and rubbed it in then as asked me to come over to her place and help her fix up her computers  and get some new programs, so on the Saturday I went around to her place, now I always thought that she was a good looking lady but when I walked in her house she had just got out of the shower her blonde and mixed curly hair was still wet and she was wearing very short shorts that went all the way up her thigh, no bra and a white T-shirt, now don’t get me wrong I’m not a total perve but hey I’m 24 and now single after 2 years a girl is allowed to look, so of course I looked, and man oh man she was so damn hot I had to bite my lip just to keep my mind on the job at hand , but really I couldn’t help but watch and what was making it worse is that we were sitting in her bedroom  and she was brushing up against me and being playful hitting me and she was bending over always in front of me I mean please if I was a guy I would need a very big note book to come myself (thank god I’m female) so I spend over 2 hours around there and now I’m going back in the next few weeks to spend a Sunday playing with music, cds and DVDs with her so got help me I may need to poke myself in the eye to stop looking at her I have such a crush on her, her voice I swear I could just listen to her talk for hours, and her giggle is so damn cute I can’t help but smile when I hear it, I know it’s only a crush and that ok I just hope it doesn’t last long with the amount of time I have to spend with her it won’t be easy and another way I know it’s a crush is because I know I am in love with someone already and hey I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t have a crush  but anyway she is damn hot it is a crush of lust I am finally getting back to normal woooohooooo!!!!!

bubble24 bubble24
22-25, F
Feb 24, 2009