Ok so like this guy I have a crush on came up to me today and I squirmed so bad. Now I'm dark but when I blush I get red all up in da cheeks lol anyway so I'm at my locker ( alone in dee hallway ) and ill just say Nick for privacy comes up to me and say " Hey " and I look around ( obviously no on is there but just to make sure) and I said " Oh ur talking to me. Granted no one really approaches me so I was honestly confused. He replied with a 😏 and " Heh heh yeah u" so now what am I doing blushing yeah one if these 😳 times a thousand so I just sit there in shock and I say " Oh um hi " and then thee unthinkable happens........... He takes my hair pulls behind my ear exposing my god awful face and says " How bout you and me go to the movies .................OMFG like no he did not and I was just there like 😱😨😫😩😅😓😴😬😮😲😵😧😯🙀😻👀👍🙏👏🙌✌🙋👑🙈🙉🙊😑😵😖😩😫😁😜 Lije WHAT!!! Did u just ask me out so this was on thee inside outside he had to call my name and was all like " Um me uh I mean if u want I don't mind if u don't ill just......" So I'm rambling on and he stops me with a laugh and just turn red like a hot chilli pepper and he just says " Hah il call yah tonight and I'll buy the popcorn" and so now I'm just ouffff......... someone help me I'm dancing like a spaz AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I'm dying...........
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I bet you looked cute blushing.

Omg. That's adorable.
I wish that happened to me. Ugh.

It was only a strike of luck but I'm still spazzing O.o

That happens to me in my dreams and then as soon as I wake up. I'm like 😡😠

I had those dreams but this is just........but don't give up it'll happen sooner or later