You know that feeling of pure happiness right? Well this what I experience every day

I walk into my class, heart pounding knowing shed be there, just sitting around her group of friends. I stare hopelessly at her, tongue out, eyes staring, pupils dilated. Not giving a damn if people look at me. I sit down around my friends, asking me "what's up with your mushy look on your face?" I keep staring at her, blushing helplessly. I don't reply, I just casually say a few minutes later "okay, whatever" and continued looking at her.

What's the thing I love most about her? Her brownish golden glowing eyes? Her straight, brightly brown hair? Her stunning smile? Or just her amazing personality. This girl is the reason I live, the reason I fight through my anxiety and divorced parents. Just thinking about her makes me dizzy.

One day in class, she smiled at me. I was light headed, I smiled back, weakly. She said "Heyy..." "Uh,um Hi," I reply. She asked me how life is and we got into a conversation. I felt so alive, like I never talked to a actual person before. That's when she kissed me on the cheek. My cheeks turned crimson red, I felt unsteady and I couldn't move, she walked away and said goodbye. I slowly walked to my next class, trying not to faint or jump up and down excitedly. I couldn't believe it.

I lay down every night, stragetizing what I'm going to talk to her or just fantasise about her. She is also the reason why I wake up in the morning for a hard day of school.

She beats any girl in my school, even bloody Katy Perry or Rihanna couldn't top her. I just wish I had the courage to ask her out 😔
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2 Responses Aug 26, 2014

That was the most magical story ever read..

Lol thx :D

Just do it, honestly.
Get close be friend
and ask her out. Grow some balls.
She already made a move, time to make yours

Alright, I'll try, thank you