Guy At Work

it's almost sad really, that i act the way i do around him sometimes lol  i smile, flirt, even GIGGLE on occasion!  thinking about him makes me smile, but i know it won't ever be more than just a little crush.  he's almost 8 years younger than me for one (i'm almost 29, he's 21).  for another, i don't know if i even would WANT it to be more than a crush.  he's so nice tho...polite to the customers, and so cute with all the little old ladies lol  he's always asking questions that are thoughtful, requiring more than a yes or no answer and seems genuinely interested in what the other person has to say.

We've been flirting back and forth for a little while, making comments here and there (s3x related in general lol)  but tonight...he said i was a Temptress!  can u believe that?!  lol  ok, some of you definitely believe that  lol  but i was surprised that's what he said.  I was getting in his way while he was trying to work and he says " i know what you are"  so i asked what i was, he said "you're a person that's getting in my way lol"  It wasn't until i was in the back getting ready to leave when he told me what he was REALLY gonna say (the temptress part).  He said he didn't want to said it out in front of everyone (coworkers, customers) lol  Obviously I couldn't deny it, b/c then i would be lying, so i said "yeah  lol  yes i am"  he's so cute :P

i don't think i wanna pursue it any least not at this point...maybe later i'll feel differently (one way or the other), but for now it's just a crush :)

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ooo. Kinky, you temptress, you...<br />
<br />

Envy, envy, envy! :)<br />
<br />
Just enjoy it, KF!

sometimes i feel so silly tho! lol i have to remind myself to get a grip and act normal lol

Snowy's right! Crushes ROCK! Can't fight fate! LOL

i don't mean to be! i'm just a natural i guess :P

Crushes are good KF and you are such a temptress :)