That Guy From Math Class.

  Ok, so here it goes. Last year I was a freshmen in high school. When I walked in my math class I saw this really hot guy, lets call him Josh. By the end of the school year I ended up sitting next to him. He would try to make conversation with me, but I was too nervous so I would just blabber something stupid. Once in class I over herd him tell his friends that he would never date a freshmen, because he was almost 18. I would talk about him with my friends, and when he would pass by they would say he would stare in my direction. I never believed them. I'm a sophomore now and his a senior. I've noticed his cleaned up his act, he would get high everyday and never be interested in school. Let me also say he has ocean blue eyes and curly blond hair, baggy jeans and his always wearing t-shirts. Anyways, recently my friends have seen him reading books and I've seen him eyeing some collage options. Word is he doesn't get high before school anymore. Anyways, I'v catch him staring at me, and I stare back. It's weird, we have this "moment", hahahaha. Now, my question is. Should I look for something more? Or should I forget about it. He may not be the best guy for me, but this guy is really sweet and cute. HELP! 

daydreamer121 daydreamer121
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2 Responses Oct 20, 2009

I've tried, doesn't work that well.

Just ignore him and forget :) this is only an opinion :)