It All Started When My Teacher Kicked Me Out Of Class

One day, my English teacher decided she didn't like the way I did my homework, so she made me sit in the math class down the hall. I grumbled, picked up my books and walked grouchily to the math class. I had math next period anyway, so I didn't really mind. Plus, the teacher was so nice and gave kids candy when she felt bad for them. I knocked on the door, and when she opened it, I explained what had happened. She let me come in, gave me a lollipop and told me to pick a seat. It was either I sit behind the meanest girl in the grade, or this boy from my history class. I picked boy from history. At the time I liked another guy, but I was slowly realizing how mean, inconsiderate and rude he was. Besides, he only talked to me when he needed homework. 

Anyway, when I sat down, the boy turned around. He asked me why I was there. I replied with "Mrs. Clancy didn't like the way I wrote out my homework, she threw a fit and told me to come here." The boy said that she was a rude, mean old lady and had no reason to do that. He also said it has once happened to him. I couldn't believe it, he was so smart! He was in advanced math and was one of the smartest kids in my history class. Not only that, he was an amazing trumpet player. I should know, I was in the school band with him, I played clarinet.

I asked him what he did to make her kick him out like that. He said that he got a grade lower on his test then he usually did, and so she kicked him out and made him sit in the science lab. We continued on our conversation, and I think it was when he said "Hey, do you know how the melody in Amparita Roca* goes?" when I realized how cute he was. I think it was then when I began blushing at everything he said, paying attention to his every move, and having problems with my speech. The bell rang, and I was saddened. It was the only time I wasn't bursting with joy at the sound of the 3rd period bell. We said our farewells and said we'd see each other in fifth period, when our classes combined for gym. It was then when I realized how much of a jerk the other boy was.

I've liked this boy ever since that day last year. I've known him a year prior.

Recently, I was confused wether I still liked him. My guy friend was being really friendly and making me blush, meanwhile, the boy I liked was not in school. I began to wonder if I liked my guy friend.

I figured that I didn't like my guy friend, I just blush easily. He didn't make my heart race like my crush does. Besides, my guy friend has a girl friend.

My crush may be a spaz, he may be aggrasive and he may be a little rude at times, but I don't care. I'm a spaz, and I'm aggrasive, and I can be rude. So to me, his 'flaws' are completely normal. :]



*Amparita Roca is an arrangement we playe in band class last year.

HopelesslyinLovexx HopelesslyinLovexx
18-21, F
Feb 7, 2010