My Wise Girl

My daughter is a crystal child, and I have known since she was very young. She has always had an extensive vocaulary for her age and can see through adult crap with very little trouble. She also has an air about her that makes people pay attention to her.

She loves people and wants to look after them. I get a little worried as the concept of stranger danger means nothing to her.

She has always loved rocks and crystals, to the point that she would pick the rocks up off the road and move them onto the footpath, because she didn't want them to be hurt by the cars driving over them. She has an amazing sense of the earth's energy and incredible respect for all forms of life. She also has no problem telling off adults if she thinks they are doing the wrong thing, be it smoking, littering, or not treating their friends properly.

My girl is 6 and I'm really enjoying watching her grow up.


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I was terrified when my Lailah was younger! She did not understand or comprehend this. I didn't want to scare her though at 3-4yo as her world was getting bigger... I thought I could explain with...
"not everybody is your friend" ---I thought I was REALLY clever coming up with this PC, non-threatening way to caution and connect with her...not so much.

It still didn't register with her. But I have grown to understand it is because it IS NOT her reality or anywhere near her ACTUAL experience. EVERYBODY IS HER FRIEND. She seems to have a higher level understanding and control when "learning" or "choosing" or "interacting" with others...

...can't wait to see what she has "in store" as she grows into womanhood!!! (12 now)

I am so glad. Thank you for sharing. HUGS, livingwell

I am so glad. Thank you for sharing. HUGS, livingwell