Firm, Toned & Tight

I have a rigid workout routine. I start everyday with thirty minutes of yoga and four times a week I hit the gym. I run twice a week and do a dance class once a week. So coupled with a sensible diet and the fact I don't smoke and don't drink much it's fair to say I keep myself in pretty good shape. Then of course if you live in Miami you have to.

The first place fat goes to on a woman's body is her butt, so my philosophy is if you have a good butt than you're likely to have a good body. So the focus of my workouts is my generally on my bum, tum and hips and i'm not to modest to admit I keep them as firm as a ripening peach.

In fact you can bounce a quarter off my butt its so tight.  

Girlyflirt Girlyflirt
18-21, F
4 Responses Mar 22, 2009

More power to you. A women with a nice behind always gets my attention.

I'll bring a roll of quarters and meet you at Haulover. Ever been there?

One of the best reasons to workout. You look so good in tight jeans, or that special dress you want to buy, and of course all the looks you get from guys.

You have me drooling for that butt now girl!