My Dad Cheated On My Mom With My Best Friends Mom

I don't know how It is to have an awesome dad who is always there for me. My dad does love me and he would do anything to make me happy but he has done things that I can never forgive him.

My mom married him when she was 22 but they didn't love each other I don't know why the hell they got married. It wasn't because she got pregnant because they had children 3 years after the marriage. My dad never really cared about my mom, she was always by herself, during pregnancy and everything, my dad was trucking but when he was home he got drunk lots. I was a baby I don't remember any of that because he stopped drinking when I was still a baby.

When I was 4 years old I was playing in my dad's car with my 1 year older brother. We found a note, and something just made me take it and give it to my mom, it was a love note to my dad from an other woman. My dad used to cheat on my mom lots. I was a kid I never knew what was going on but I had to find it out the hard way when I got older.

When I was 12 my mom made friends with a woman at work named Elena. Elena was way younger then my mom. Nobody liked Elena, everybody called her a s.lut and a w.hore at work. But my mom didn't listen to the rumors and invited her into our house. She introduced her to me, my brother and my dad. Elena took my brother and me shopping and bought us presents I liked her at the beginning. She didn't have a car so she always took the bus to our place and she stayed till very late until no buses would drive. Then eighter my mom or dad had to drive her home.

Other woman at my mom's work told my mom that this is Elena's move. She stays late at your place until no buses drive and then asks your husband to drive her home and when he dropps her off she invites him in for a cup of tea and then she gets naked and sleeps with your husband. Then my mom realized that Elena has been flirting with her husband (my dad) and he did drive her home a couple of times. My mom stopped talking to Elena and stopped inviting her over. This is when the terror started.......

Elena would phone our house and ask for dad. My mom ignored it and didn't tell dad about it. But Elena kept phoning and phoning and once when I picked up the phone she asked for mom. I was alone at home so I told her that mom isn't home then she said "haha I f.ucked your dad!!" I was 12 years old I was shocked to hear someone say that to me. I didn't know whether I should tell my mom about that phone call or not, I ended up telling her because I couldn't keep such thing to myself. She got into a big fight with my dad. I hated Elena, I hate her for what she did to my family. My mom accepted her even tho nobody did, my mom offered her friendship since she didn't have anyone and that is how she repaid us. My mom should have listened to the woman at her work and stayed away from Elena. In our city she was known to be a home wrecker she destroyed families. That was a hobby of hers. I was a little kid back then but now I am an adult and if I ever end up running into her on the streets, oh I don't know what I will do. That B.itch better run for her LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!

however that wasn't the only incident where my dad was involved with another woman.

I had a best friend Nina, whose mom was single, My dad asked me for the cell phone number of Nina's mom (he asked his daughter for the number of an other woman, can you believe this?). I thought he was kidding but he was serious. He used to phone Nina's mom and I don't' now what else happened, Nina knew about this but she never told me. It was my 17th birthday and my other friend Lily phoned me to say happy b-day, and somehow the subject changed to my dad. Then she told me everything. That my dad has been calling Nina's mom and he brought her presents and stuff. And Nina never told me because she didn't know how I would react to it. WOW wasn't that an awesome birthday surprise!!!!!!! I went straight to my dad and gave him the finger, I told him that I don't have a dad anymore, My mom was mad too but she wasn't surprised. My own dad embarrassed me in front of my friends and the whole neighborhood. Since I found that out I have never seen Nina again and I haven't been back to my old city I am just so ashamed of everything my dad has done.

Then one year later, My mom, dad and brother went on vocation to visit my mom's family. I couldn't join them because I couldn't miss school and I just wanted to have the house to myself for one month. After they came back, my parents were fighting about something but they didn't' want me to know about what, so I asked my brother, he told me the whole story. That my dad got very drunk and left with two other women who were prostitutes, and my mom and brother were looking for him everywhere. My mom wanted to get my dad checked of H.I.V. Then a few months later my mom caught him talking on the phone with the same woman.

He didn't even come to my Graduation banquet, it was his only daughters Grad but he thought it was more important to fix the car. He disappointed me so many times, I still remember my mom crying and saying sorry but he is not coming.

I've asked my mom so many times, why she is still with him, and she said "I don't know" I know that she isn't in love with him and she never was so why is she still with him. I don't get her. All he ever does is hurt her.

Why can't I have an normal dad?????????

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My father was an ******* too, he cheated three times on my dear mother. I meant, we know about three affairs... When my siblings and I were toddlers, he left her for about two months without giving her money. She didn't work back then and my dear granny had to lent us money for our living.<br />
The day he died was a happy day for me. I knew, that my mother would lead a better life from that day on.

ur ad is a horrible dad and u did the right thing telling ur mom and giving him the finger u schould off smack him and kick him out

he's not normal dad.

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Your dad reminds me of my dad, he is a big cheater. My mom broke up with him when I was a baby because he cheated so much. But he always cheated on all his gfs after that. One time he was dating a girl that I really liked and his ex gf that I hated didn't have a place to stay so he let her come stay at their house. Well, while his gf was asleep he would sneak down the hall and have sex with his ex every night. One day his gf was cleaning and found all their used condoms under the bed!<br />
<br />
When his current girlfriend had just given birth to my baby brother, he had his ex living outside in his truck (he drove a semi truck, so he had the sleeper cab in the driveway) he would go outside and screw her while his gf was inside with the baby!