Pretty Sure.

not 100% positive that there was cheating, but it's likely. seeing as how a couple months after the divorce(s) were finalized, they were engaged to each other.

life is strange, sometimes.


update: yes, they did end up getting married. they're still married today. it's kind of hard to explain the logistics, but i'll try. i'll call my dad 'dad' and i'll call my step-mom 'susan'.

me and my brother grew up with susan's two oldest children as our best friends. her oldest girl was my age, and her only boy was my brothers age. we were best friends for much of our lives, and were always going back and forth between houses. susan also has two other girls, younger ones. my mom and dad got divorced, and my brother and i went to live with my dad. at that time us kids thought susan and her husband were still together, but at the end of the school year they told their kids that they had been divorced for close to a year, they were just still living together and pretending to be married so as not to interfere with their school year (???). then susan's husband promptly moved out, and a couple months later (i believe was the time frame), susan and my dad were engaged. then they got married a few months after that, maybe close to a year, i can't remember.

so that's why in a lot of my stories i mention my "now-stepsister" because susan's kids were in my life as far back as i can remember, but now they're my stepsiblings as well.

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celainn: yes, i imagine we'd still consider each other family. it would just be even harder to explain. <br />
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marji: no, no kids together. unless a paternity test reveals something unexpected about her youngest. i have pondered it in a hypothetical sort of sense. <br />
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booknerd: seriously, parents are so stupid sometimes.

Well, I suppose that's as clearly as it could ever be explained. I forgot the other parents did that wonky we're-divorced-but-living-together thing. <br />
<br />
How bizarre. And traumatizing.

also, this bizarre twist my life took is one reason why people keep telling me i need to write a book.

i was about 17 when they got married, i think, so it's been about 9 years or so. <br />
<br />
we kids always say to each other "we put the FUN in dysfunctional", so that's why i joined that group.

the kids are all very attached to each other. we've been through some bizarre times together. <br />
<br />
i'm not entirely sure that my dad and susan's marriage is a completely happy one, but i really hope they never get divorced, for the sake of us kids. it would just be too confusing at this point.

yep. i should have mentioned that....i'll update...