My Dad Cheated And I Had To Tell My Mum.

me and my mum always thought there was something strange with my dad. he was always out, when he rarely came home he was moody and impatient.
one day saw texts on his phone with a lot of kisses and my mum said they werent from her. we didnt think much more, it was a joke between me and my mum than he had 'another women' but little did we know, he was a complete liar.
on christmas day 2008 i saw photos of a beautiful woman on his phone, no were near as beautiful as my mum but still a nice looking woman. i ignorned the fact i had seen them and carried on, but later that week i saw him on chat sites online. the woman i had a few weeks earlier her picture was there again, staring me in the face.
i told my mum, she confronted my dad and obviously he deniyed everything.
one day my mum said she'd had enough she was treated like **** by my dad, not appreciated at all. she desevered better and to be loved. shes a strong woman who has been through a lot, shes an amazing role model.
my dad just said to my mum he had nothing to talk about to her and if she wanted to leave, she had to go. me and my mum decided this wasnt good enough, we knew something else was wrong.
one night we were relaxing and heard my dad banging something upstairs.. then next day we went looking around. i know its wrong but you have to do whatyou have to do. basically in the end, we discovered under his draw was about 200 letters all threatening futher action as he hant been paying debts he was in, looking through them he found he was in 40,000 debt. this was due to staying at 5 starhotels for nights, going to fancy restuarants and spoiling someone to expensive jewerly.. unfortunally it wasnt my mum he was spoiling.
Confronting him again, he finally admitted to my mum. they spilt for about a year. it was a good year for me but terrible for my mum. it made her ill and she suffered extreme problems... she thought no one would ever love her after him because she'd be treated so badly. me and my mum have always been best friends and i hated seeing her this way.
in the end my mum and dad got back together and both seem happier, yes i am glad they are happier but im not at all. im always upset. my dad doesnt know i know why they split up, and it was me who discovered it.
ever since they got back together, me and mymum arent as close, i think she blames me for everything but i was trying to help and do whats best... can anyone help me from experience?
tinacharlie tinacharlie
13-15, F
Sep 7, 2011