I have sooo many fantasies! I feel like I must be perverted with how many different ones there are. But there is definitely one that includes an older man (50+), who meets up with me a mile from my parents house, and instead of taking me to school, he takes me to a motel. And he completely dominates me and orders me around. Sometimes he's gentle, and other times he's oh so rough. He does with me whatever he wants and orders my complete and total surrender. But other times, he's not so dominative (real word?) and is willing to be sweet and kind with me. Sometimes he's vulgar and calls me his little ****, and other times he's full of praise and love.

Am i like totally weird and crazy and gross? i feel like I am. I'm not really 18 though...
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Nothing weird about that. It is a hot fantasy

theirs lots of older men like that :)

I have a fantasy about staying out of prison.

sounds like a hot fantasy. i'd love to talk through it with you. add me and drop me a line.

I'd love to talk with you!

You all mad she just said she's not 18?!!!

Personally, I hate to see anyone insulted by someone who claims to care for them. IOW, while I see nothing wrong with your basic fantasy of having a "daddy" figure in your sex life, I see no reason for him to be verbally abusive. A person can be strict, without being insulting. If I had a much younger woman/girl in my life, I would not insult her just as I would not insult my own daughters. I see no excuse for it. JMHO.

Wish you live a mile down the street would like to make you fantasy come true. We could always role play so add me.

your normal because I have the same type fantasies and I know of so many more who do as well!

You are not weird, crazy, or gross. You are none of those things none what so ever. Its ok to have such fantasy. Its nothing wrong with you some of us are more sexually open than others that does not make you weird, crazy, or gross. I'm 38yrs old I have fantasy about girls your age all the time. I have never dated a girl my age they have always been young girls. You can add me if you like!

many girls have similar fantasies.

sounds like you're a perfect little girl to me sweetie....

I'm the same way u are...I have the same thoughts

I like older men and I love the Daddy/daughter role play. There's nothing wrong with it. But it isn't really something mainstream people agree with.

ohh yes i love the Role play of daughter and DADDY mmmmmmm i *** every time;) my daughter is now 15 almost 16 ;) cant wait ssshhhh and she s one little sexy girl so young with a hard body *** i love to go all the way with her ;) tell me if i should how can i tell her id love to get naked with her in the shower ;)

Never feel weird for enjoying your fantasies or thoughts. It's who you are so learn to express yourself and love you. There are plenty of men out here on EP that would devour you, just be careful. I have a huge heart and lots of affection to give. I enjoy showing it and don't think there is anything wrong with that as long as I don't hurt anyone and I haven't so far.