I Fantasize About Sex With My Father.

I without a doubt am attracted to older men. I think the part that differs for me with this "daddy complex" is that my father and I have always had a good relationship. Also, my older man interests occasionally are directed at him. I realize this may be strange to some, but I have had these fantasies for almost 7 years now regularly. In fact, I could tell you exactly the moment they started. It was the summer before I enterred grade 10.

Ever since I was little I enjoyed sleeping (literally, not sexually) with an older man. I have always found cuddling up to a warm masculine body extremely relaxing to me. It just always felt right. My father, grandfather, or even just a male friend did the trick. I often travelled with my father and always insisted that a single bed room was fine. As I grew older he become more reluctant to cave in to my requests, but he always let me have my way. When we would go camping, I would always insist he cuddled with me as we slept, we only had a small tent. It was on one of our summer trips that an incident occured, changing the way I looked at my father for the rest of my life.

It wasn't anything extreme, and cuddling up together like this, what happened was almost inevitable. Thinking back I understand why he was probably more and more reluctant to sleep with me as I grew older. I'mnot sure why it hadn't crossed my mind yet at 15 years old already. I mean, I gues this isn't something most 15 year old daughters do with their father and this is probably the reason.

Anyhow, as the story goes, we were on a camping trip with some family and friends visitting during the summer holidays. My mother never liked camping, and these outings were alwaysconsidered a daddy/daughter bonding experience that she stayed away from. Our tent was small and only allowed for two people on a small foamy and a couple bags anyways.

I remember that day being so hot we left the sleeping bags in the car and just slept over a sheet. I slept in my bikini bottoms and a baby t. Dad slept it his boxers as he always did. During the night as it cooled a little I remember awakening and cuddling up to him, eventually he rolled over and I snuggled into his body allowing him to spoon me, his big arm wrapped around me keepingme warm, just how I liked it.

I'm not sure how long I layed there basking in his warmth before it happened, but suddenly I took notice. Sort of half asleep I took a bit to clue into what was taking place. I felt a hard pressing against my thighs from behind. I wiggled my butt against it to try and get comfortable, pressing it harder against me, until I felt the hard tip poking at my butt. Suddenly I was wide awake as I realized what it was I had felt. My father's penis was growing harder and harder against my bottom wedgedin the crease between my legs.

At first I held still and breathless, but curiosity got the better of me. I gently wiggled my butt against the growing feel behind me. Side to side I wiggled, then forward and back feeling his **** grow to full size, poking into the pocket where my butt met my crotch and the backs of my legs. Then I realized something felt different. Warm and soft, yet still hard and almost threatening,not the feel of fabric. I've thought about this for years, and the best word I can use to describe it is that it just felt "right" at that moment. What I was feeling was his bare penis against my skin. The tip had somehow found its way out if the flap in the front of his shorts, and my continuing to grind against him had worked it just about completely free.

I continued to rock against him, intentionally trying to work of his hardon free from his shorts without waking him. In doing so I parted my legs a little and while rubbing against him, his hardon slipped up between my thighs and glided along my crotch, right across my mons and resting against my sex. I closes my legs gripping his hard penis and feeling its warmth. I had him pinned tight against my *****. I could feel the heat and the throbbing coming from it through the fabric of my bikini bottoms and I became incredibly incredibly arroused.

I held him like this for a what felt like forever. I layed perfectly still, almost breathless. I considered reaching down and taking his **** in my hand to feeland stroke it it. I eventhought about pulling the strings of my bikini bottom, slipping it off, and allowing him to rub his hard **** against my bare *****. My mind was running wildwith the possibilities and I just wanted to play with his **** so bad it hurt.

What I actually did was panic. I gently rolled away from careful not to wake.him and left the tent running to the camp washrooms where i locked myself in the stall and cried in confusion. What did I just do? I was just playing with my father's arroused penis. I was even considered slipping it along my bare ***** for a moment. Then the rest of my thoughts of the nasty things I was considering doing with it came back, and I took notice of how arroused I had been. I was absolutely dripping wet the entire time. I touched myself and I tingled in a way I rarely did. I couldn't resist ************ at that moment, so I brought myself to an ****** sitting right on the toilet ina public washroom before returning to the tent, where I couldn't keep myself from doing it again. I gently pushed myself back against my father again inhopes that he would harden againstme again (he didn't) and slid my hand to my crotch, gently rubbing myself to another ******.

Eventually I fell back asleep and we both woke up like nothing had ever happened. The memory of his hard penis clenched between my thighs up against my tingling ***** was buried in my mind though. It stll is today. I can close my eyes and feel that exact moment all over again. I *********** frequently in the weeks following always with new exciting fantasies involving my father. I began to tease him intentionally, to flaunt my body around him, and dress more provocatively in his presence, always hoping he would take notice.

We would still sleep together on occassion still and I always made a point of attempting to get him hard again, or getting him to grope me in a more sexual way. Nothing ever came of these fantasies aside from some teasing on my part, but fantasies of showering with him while his big hands soaped my naked body, or getting on my knees and taking him in my mouth in thefamily living room, always filled my mind. I couldn't keep track of how many nights I layed in bed ************, dreaming of what it would be like for him to throw the door open, come in, and ravish my body.

These fantasies still persist to this day from time to time, all stemming from that one incident. I know I'm not alone in having thoughts like these, and I thought I'd share here, because I do love talking about it. I know there's been many girls who have experienced similar situations, or gone on to have similar fantasies about the men in their families. I also understand that men have similar fantasies abotu their daughters,and I think that EP offers a great lace for us to all tell our stories without worrying what anyone has to say about them. It's just not something you admit to your girlfriends over coffee , if you know hat I mean, lol.

Anyways, thanks for reading a out my experience.
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That's awesome! I've had similar experiences with my youngest daughter, as we are also very close. I'd love to hear more!

wow,interesting and very sexy

I love your story because it's very similar to my daughter and me. However we did take it to the next level and way beyond

We love each other very much! !

Can you be my father?

Lovely .l.

lm not your daddy ! Love to give you the older guy experience ! mmmmmm


What an amazing story. It is an experience that I am sure many young ladies did experience. Your first time with an arouse penis, curiosity will always take control of you.

Bare Hugs

Please add me.

I have had the fantasy forever. Saw my daughter nude several times and wondered and she used to hug up to me on the couch to watch tv.

Maybe she was intentionally teasing, maybe she wasn't. For me it was usually intentional, but I was that way with a lot of older guys.

I dated a girl and her daughter would get into bed with us and she would get in between me and her mom in the middle of the night and spoon with me and hold my *ock and it would kinda freak me out at first

well told

Thank you for sharing, I too have had similar fantasies but not one I grew up having or admitting even to myself. I was a conflicted daddy's girl growing up, my parents split custody and I went to my dad's place for a week then switched to my moms. I always wanted his attention, but it was not until recently that I wish it could have been different. I lost my virginity early, and now I wish it had been to him. I wish he had been the first to teach me to give (my fave) and receive oral, mostly give since I'm a bit submissive and it's like worshipping another persons being. The thought of his *** on me or in me is usually all it takes for me. I think no matter society's view of it, no one can love you like your daddy. No one could teach you like daddy. I feel if you are both consenting adults then no one should judge.
Hope you are able to broach the subject with him someday. Let us know if you ever do. I'm a sucker for a happy ending.
Good luck to you.

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful story. I'm 50 years old and my wife died 20 years ago this month. Our daughter was 7 at the time. We were all each other had for many years. I taught her to respect herself and not to give in to peer pressure, concerning drugs, sex, or any other vice that kids experiment with.

Though she was very popular in school, cheer leading and home coming court and had several boyfriends from the time she was allowed to date at 16, they all broke up with her when they found out she did not what to have sex with them.

The summer she turned 18, we were staying at the beach for a week and she made me dinner one night in the house we were renting and said she wanted to talk. She told me that her problem with boys wasn't that she wasn't interested in sex, in fact she thought about it all the time, but rather she didn't want to give her virginity to "just some guy". She wanted it to be special. She wanted it to be me. I had been feeling so much guilt over my attraction to her young body in her skimpy beach wear that hearing this was a huge relief! That night was her 18th birthday and by 1:00 am she was no longer a virgin. We extended our stay 2 more days just to explore this new twist.

We have had a wonderful relationship for the last nine years. 5 years later, she got married in college and her new family lives just a few miles from me. Her husband doesn't know. She and I still see each other about once a week. What she and I share is very special and different than what she has with her husband. She loves her husband very much. They have a 4 year old, my granddaughter, and before anyone jumps to conclusions, I had a vasectomy 10 years ago.

last November, for my big 5-0 she took me on a 7 day cruise to Alaska, just the two of us. The sex was amazing but so was just the quality time with my daughter. When we returned, she was thrilled to see her husband and daughter.

There are so many social pressures that get in the way of so much joy. I hope you are able to eventually talk to your father, without being judged by him or yourself.

I'm a male and have similar fantasies about both my parents. My father isn't that nice. He financially supports me, because it's hard to find a job. But I think he resents me for it. He's had anger issues in the past, and I guess that's where my fantasies come from. I like to think about him dominating me in a sexual manner, even though he's never laid a hand on me.<br />
<br />
<br />
My mother is a different story. I think I resent her for not standing up to my father when he emotionally abused me at an early age, so I have fantasies about dominating her.<br />
<br />
<br />
It's all very confusing. I'm glad I'm not the only one, even if our life experiences are different. One day I hope to find someone of like-mindedness who can help me with my sexual frustration while I help that person in a similar fashion. But society places a taboo against people like us, so it's nearly impossible to be open about these desires beyond the anonymity of the internet.<br />
<br />
<br />
Still, it's nice to know I'm not alone.

I am 33 and have 9 yr old daughted who is really getting go the point of flat out hitting on me.. i had tons of sexual thoughts about my mom and i would often talk with her while bathed...i always kicked myself for not trying anything. Besides some in appropriate touching of her in her sleep. I totally get the feeling and really my only worry is that she will do something infront of someone..

Great story I have similar feelings about my step daughter but couldn't tell anyone.

thank you for sharing this. I had similar experiences with my dad..i knew he wanted..he knew i wanted etc but we never did and still now i get aroused and seek out a daddy figure x

I know how you feel thank you for sharing this will actually do a lot of good for girls that feel the same as we do about are Fathers Kissesā™„