I'm not sure how to word this right and you all might think i am a freak but...

So my dad is VERY abusive and i've been noticing that I've been looking towards older men for attention. But i'm also a lesbian? Does that even make sense..

My dad has hurt me in MANY ways and i just long for a dad. A normal, mentally stable dad. Someone to care for me. I'm not sure if this is a "daddy complex" or just a longing.

I feel like part of me is missing and every time i think of that part missing i have horrid flashbacks..

Idk, sorry :c

I just want a normal dad... a loving dad. An older guy to look out for me. 
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A father is suppose to be there for his children, to support them, to love them, and be a true Dad

Your situation depends on a few things. This daddy you are looking for, is it just a daddy or are you longing for sexual contact with an older man? If it is just a DAD figure then it is a daddy complex.If it is sex you are after and being a lesbian is possible too. There is such a thing as a Bi lesbian. Being lesbian means that you have sex with and fall in love with other women. So it is possible to also be sexually attracted to men and still be a lesbian.