I love the idea of being in a daddy daughter situation but no body else gets it
niomi8 niomi8
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I understand so please add me and contact me

I get it. I can relate. I live in a small town so I know what you mean.

I get as well as live it,and LOVE every second of it ...Kisses

there are those that do.. ;)

Are you near Cleveland? If so, I'd be willing to play "Daddy"...

Do you mean in a relationship? Sexually? Like, age play? Or do you mean with your actual father..?

I'm asking the person who posted, not you greenH :) I'm asking what she means too!

Like age play

You should check out fetlife. There are a lot of open people on there who are into the same thing :) I don't think it's weird at all.

pretty sure she means role play

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