Not so much now that I have gotten older. When I was a teen and in my twenties I used to love older guys. I mean guys that were twenty years older than me. I lost my cherry to an older guy and I just loved it. My best friends dad used to take me in his little home office and do me every time I would go over to her house. 

I really think I would have done my daddy given the chance. Dad and mom divorced when I was quite young but I remember dad used to let me take a shower with him and my gaze would fix on his tool.

I believe that after I got old enough to understand all an older guy would have had to do was take me by the hand and I would have done anything they wanted.  

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you have a very open mind & attitude i luv it

great story...i know the feeling

Absolutely phenomenal! So very very hot, erotic and so very very kinky!

seems very hot


thanks for telling the truth. Would love to hear and share more. Message me or I'll send another email address and we can share

Your not that much older than me.

Where have you been all my life?