Correcting An Adult Schoolboy

I have a "lad" that visits me to relive his home and school life of the 60's and 70's....he is particular in his dress and looks for all the world like the schoolboys of that time with his short his home growing up his Dad followed the rule of punished at school meant punished at we replicate that during our time together...he gets 8 strokes of the cane...serves a detention of an hour...then it is a further 8 strokes plus a 36 spank slippering ....I am afraid it does all end in tears for him
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One of your whippy rattan canes is also what my bottom needs, Sir ! The relentless sting getting worse with each stroke... Please add me as a friend.

oh yes the sting that builds up as you are cane one after another the criss cross marks welts that form on your bottom the pain that starts to buld and week long of wonderful wetls on your bottom

My "Dad" gives me a good spanking when he hears I've been punished at school. Fortunately, the school punishments he hears about are fictional - I've had the slipper on top of cane stripes and it don't half hurt. Having said that, I'm sure your methods would do me a lot of good. (I'd love to see your photos for confirmation but the system won't accept my friend request.)

Wish that I could experience something as exciting as that !

please add me as friend thank you

My favorite is over the knee with my pants down. My wife does the spanking with a hair brush or a paddle. After that it is off to the corner with my pants still down, holding the paddle in both hands behind my back with my nose to the corner. Spankings should end in a sore bottom.

oh yea how many times i spent nose in corner after spankings some humilating if her gf stops over

Fortunately all of ours are in private.

O my he is going to be well punished that's for sure

You can count on that I assure you

Also instead of standing in the corner he will have to sit on a hard wooden stool facing the mirror for at least 40 show him how he looked at school as he squirmed in his desk

I will have my "lad" crying in the corner again next week....I am looking forward to it ....I have bought a full length mirror which I will position so I can see his face while I am caning him

Watch his own caning. :)

I wish i am this boy who live in.

Does he have to touch his toes for the cane and slipper, and is he allowed to rub his sore bottom afterwards?

Bent over a chair...and no rubbing allowed I too strict?

Not at all sir - exactly as it should be. What is the point of giving the boy a sore backside only to allow him to massage it better moments later?

Hands on head...face the wall..nose and toes touching...and keep still

Sounds like you have an ideal partnership going on there!

Very nice, although I prefer a woman to do the caning.