Correction Part Two

Before each visit my lad has to write an essay,in the first person,of an offence he committed at school that he escaped punishment for.I require him to read it out aloud as I select and bend the cane..I always start my lecture with "well my boy you may of thought you had got away with it,but now you are going to pay the price"...and he does pay the price in a cupfullof tears...but crying..nor pleading is going to get him off a single stroke...6 on shorts....6 on underpants..and 6 across the bare bottom..strokes will be grouped but some will cut across...which always gets a very high pitched howl..I will then quietly ask him what his offence was..and wait for his sobbing reply..then just as he sobs it out...another hard cut across which really gets the bawling going
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Would love to write essay and arrive with lines as well before correction. At least two hard strokes where bottom meets top of legs please Sir.

My gym master is sexy - especially when he wears tight white shorts and a sleeveless white vest. My response is to ********** in the boys toilet. I once got caught cause I did it in the open urinal area. What is your appropriate correction measure?

Dear rod of correction
i think y would have a problem disiplining me as i tend to kick and struggle and make a fuss wriggle ect i am a bit of a chall ange ? how would y controll me? have been told i am diffucult when spanked hard OTK!!! MAY BE I NEED Y CANE OR BIRCH!!!

Of course you need the cane, but its not for me to say!

looks like I might be in the queue outside the study too then ...

I can imagine the increasing tension the lad feels as you flex that length of whippy rattan which will soon be giving him a very sore bottom.

And what would you write?

Numerous accounts of failing to do homework, graffiti on desk, copying others' work, skiving off a Geography test, lying to a master...and more.

Observations sir?

This certainly asks for a proper caning!

How many do you think sir - 6 of the best, touching toes?

Vandalism...cheating....lying....3 sets of 6 for each....shorts...undies ....bare

See photo in my album of the seated lad

Y..y..yes sir...

Well you see a fearful lad?

Very fearful sir.

Now look at those canes in my pics....closely examine the senior cane and I want two paragraphs on your thoughts

It looks really scary sir - very whippy. I think it would really sting, and leave my bottom very hot and sore. I would then have to sit on a hard wooden seat and do lines.

I can imagine you, sir, flexing the cane as I read aloud my account of my wrongdoings, knowing that I am soon to pay the price for my disgraceful behaviour.

And that price has to be measured in tears...I would like you to make a comment on every one of my pics...same format...your thoughts lad

Thank you sir. I will post my comments after each picture in your album.

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