First Of All I Am Very Sorry For Those Of You Who Regret Having To Lose Your Legs And I Sincerely Hope You Can Find Peace And Purpose In Spite Of The Challenges You Have Been Faced With

For those of you who can see the bright side of the modification your body has undergone, there is a moderately large minority of people such as myself who find amputees to be extremely attractive. There can be a silver lining if you let it.

For those who share a fondness for amputees of any kind and for those of you who are amputees of any kind, feel free to post info about yourselves and what you would like to find for companionship and or anything else you want to say concerning amputation and amputees. All of you be well and be with GOD.
Wolfbilly Wolfbilly
41-45, M
Dec 16, 2012