I has VERY hesitant about getting a dog, my husband and kids however were not. Theo grew up with lots of dogs, I had a few dogs growing up, but they were always closer to my siblings than too me. I just never really got the appeal. You had to feed it and let it poop on you rlawn, I had not yet experienced the solid companionship dogs can offer. If it weren't for my husbands spur of the moment attitude we owuld have never gotten Tyson.

My husband Theo has a buddy whos a fire fighter and our local fire department had a fire dog. But the dog had a bad leg and they couldn't use him anymore. They were going to send him to the pound but our pound has a reputation for their 2 week wating policy. My husband immediatly volunteered to take in the dog. "His name is Evan." They told us. My sons name is Evan, so... That wasn't going to work. I have no idea how my husband chose the name Tyson, he only told me about the dogs first name years after we adopted him. He just brought him home and said "Hey everyone, this is Tyson!" The best part is with some corrective surgery Tyson's leg heeled up fine. But we wouldn't give Tyson up for anything in the world, even fi the fire fighters turned the hoses on us ;) He has offered lifelong companionship for me and my kids. He is a blanket in the winter, a swimming mate in the summer, and a highly entertaining (though not always welcome) dinner dinner guest at any time. I highly recommend a dalmatian, they are loyal soft and polka dotty :).
Tropicana55 Tropicana55
31-35, F
May 21, 2012