Broken Vase

Bottling things up is natural. Never forgetting things is natural too. There are many things I want to forget about my past, and many things that I wish never happened. It's impossible to change what happened. It is possible to change the outcome, though. The darkest part about me, is probably that I feel like everything has been taken and stolen from me, even who I am. My sense of security, my wish to change the world even. That happy essence a mere 9 year old sometimes has. All just taken. Just like that. You enjoy when you see a beautiful vase on a stand. Sometimes you just can't stop looking at it. Something happens, an accident maybe, and the vase falls and breaks into a million pieces. The pieces fly everywhere. You try to put it back together, but pieces of the vase are missing, making it impossible to fix it. So it'll always remain a broken vase partly. And before when pretty flowers would fill the vase, the vase is now too fragile to hold flowers, making it empty and jus a shell. That's what a dark past can do to you. It's what it did to me. But I'll keep looking for those pieces that went missing. Maybe I'll even find something else to fix the 'vase' with. And someday, maybe I will be strong enough to hold flowers again.
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Fully accept what happened, when I mean fully, it is from all your soul, open yourself to this bad feeling of missing, and accept that it is there... You are not the vase, you are alive, this life which animate you is your true nature.

How the experiences, the labels, the events or whatever you refer to to give yourself an identity have an influence on you, the life that inhabit a body to make experiences ? Believe it or not, death does not exists at all...

So please, go deep in yourself, feel the life within your body, you are not your body nor your mind, they are just tools...

Thank you very much. I havn't thought of it that way before and it helps a lot. Thank you

You're welcome, and I am glad it does. The thanks should go to the teachings of "the now".

When you experience some things very intense, you are more open to your inner self, and so some teaching are more meaningful...

I merely used the words of another man, who happen to have this gift of putting words on things that you may already be very aware of... apparently you had the feel of the words I used, continue this journey in yourself, you don't need anything else to do it.

But if you prefer reading, I advise you "The Power of Now" of Ekhart Tolle, you can find it for nothing on the net, if you're... resourceful ^^. It might speed things up, or confuse you... do as your intuition says.

I wish you a nice trip

Thanks again. And I'll see what I can fine ^^


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I relate to everything you wrote esp this sentence... "The darkest part about me, is probably that I feel like everything has been taken and stolen from me, even who I am."
It's good to know that someone else may be going to something similar to your problems and that youre not alone..
if you want to talk more about this cause I would like to share with you my story than you can contact me at my email address.
I'd really like to hear the full version of your story too and it also helps to know that we're both woman around the same age. I am 19 so... yeah if you just need to talk I can listen :)

you ll be complete again!for some of us,life isnt meant to be easy.and i believe God has a plan.a purpose to be fulfilled.

Thank you. It means a lot to be reminded that God might have a plan for me

wheneva you are sad,just remember lyf is playing its funny games with every1.and sum peopl have stopped even stopped cryng out f grief.and sumtymes we just look at what we dnt have.we forget to count our blessings.

I will remember that. Thank you