Whats Interesting to Me...

i fight with my demon, i try to keep the evil down, and i feel that if i supress it enough i will have enough power to do good in the world and help ppl around me.... on the other hand, my darling, is beautiful, and he tries to supress his good side and tries to give the dark side power.... we are opposites, but golly g-wirlickers how i love the guy.

i guess cus i have hurt others in the past i try to keep it down, on the other hand he has been hurt so he tries to feed it....

how can we combat this battle of good and evil?

which should win, or should there be a balance, frankly i dont wanna hurt anyone anymore so id rather just hit my demon over the head with a shovel, but, like my darling, i dont want to get hurt... hmmm.... interesting...er well, at least to me.

mdlay mdlay
18-21, F
May 4, 2009