i am married and love my wife verymuch, more than anything else... I try to give the best i could for my wife and family...
but still i have a dark side, I go to online to see random people(especially female ) and chat openly ( very intimate conversations) wit them occasionally... without my wife's knowledge...

I enjoy myself in doing so, but sometimes I feel why the **** I'm doing all this... In such chats I have got some genuine nice friends too... once I chat with a teenage girl, who was about to commit suicide and somehow I happened to save her... she is still thanking to me for that moment, though

also, sometimes the chats would build into something more sensual, and would build into very arousing exchanges of the mood and craving hungry feelings... sometimes this turns to virtual love making too... but in reality its just my wife so far...

I am going thru so many thoughts in my mind... I love my wife... i also love my virtual world... what you genuine people have to say about what is that I am going thru...?

I have always been nice to my people/ those who have known to me... and I have got the respect from all who have known me in my life...

But I am keeping this hidden...
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just friendly advice. why you have not sharing with your wife that you are chating with ladies on ep. you will also relex . it is left to you whether you want to share with your wife or not. my cd hubby is sharing with me all the things.we both do not have hidden from each other

Once u start meeting these virtual people Ur screwed, 3 times I met with someone on line good thing I had my nurse there!!!

Wow, this is an interesting one.
How cool for you to be honest about it thought. So is it like webcam or chat?

Humm... That's a toughie. Intellectual seems so much more intimate than visual, imo.

I just realized it sounded like I was about to scold you, lol... Far from it. I was just curious if you were an intellect or voyeur.
I think it is human nature to want to explore sexually. With our day and age, virtual sex is a real thing. Before, it was phone sex and before that I'm sure there was a group of woman writing forbidden letters via pony express. πŸ˜‰
As for you question? I gotta say it seems pretty normal for a healthy human. Right or wrong will always be up for debate.
Just consider mentioning it to your wife. Like, speak in general and get her opinion on it, say you read an article on it. Do this maybe after a couple glasses of wine. You might be pleasantly surprised she might a bit sexually interested as well. Be careful though, you might create a monster. lol...
Have fun, be safe.

Oh! So, did it go well? Did she dig it, or not so much?

Would she have a dark side just like u? Just imagine what if it was her doing the same to you? Wont you hurt. So its the same for her. Try distracting your mind to other things like a favourite hobby games or night out 😊. Thats what the brain is for. To control your emotional side ☺️


you can stop.. it will ruin your marriage. what if she gets to find out n cldnt forgive you then u realize you can't live without her...you will end up heartbroken. The truth always comes out

you are not to be trusted. If you can't be loyal to the one you love the most, you can't be loyal to anyone.

you have no clue what a "dark side" means. Most welcomed and the same goes for me but for rather different reasons.

it is a burden..

Dont tell your wife it wont go well. Trust me. I know you feel you should be honest and open with her but as long as its online you dont need to share that youre getting intimate attention from someone else. I dont think itd go well.As long as the encounters are ending on a positive note (no harm to yourself or others) then i think its alright to have that outlet. You should care for the physical ones you love as well so they dont feel neglected and if it starts to be a problem? Just do it a lot less often. Like once a month or once every two months. And if it is really hurting you then just let it go. Youre an adult this shouldn't be that hard.