The Rorschach Test

There's this thing in psychology called '' The Rorschach Test ''. Many psychologist think that what you actually see in rorschach test images could reveal many aspect of your personality. So.. try the game and tell us what you see.. It must be your very first impression of the image. There's no bad answer.

Let's begin with me..

1. an angel

2. two man who makes a hi-five

3. two girls who are dancing

4. a giant

5. batman

6. a lighthouse

7. two womens with a robe

8. a warrior

9. two people who kiss each other

10. an oceanic environment

Aege Aege
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14 Responses Apr 21, 2010

A rorshach test? Interesting... I haven't done one since ages.<br />
1.mask<br />
2.a child's drawing covered with some blood like on a crime scene<br />
3.a butterfly<br />
4.the bone setter<br />
5.another butterfly<br />
6.a door leading to hell<br />
7.horns<br />
8.another butterfly...again...<br />
9.surprising...another butterfly<br />
10.what the sea leave to the beach after the waves

I bet you a hundred human teeth that all of those inkblots are the same ones smeared over and over. To hell with using some different image every time!

1. a animal mask/face, in the middle and to headed figure conjuned at the lips, the two outside things looking like to creatures attacking the middle ob<x>ject.<br />
<br />
2. two fire breathing piglets with their noses touching and blood' a face of an old guy, the red at top is his eyebrows and the red at the bottom is his beard, mouth is wide open.<br />
<br />
3. 2 men at battle with their weapons at their side; an cute chibe baby sheep thing, with a red bow on it's forhead and 2 swords at it's side and dead red birds by it's head.<br />
<br />
4. a drill bringing up dirt; the very bottom looks like an evil skull mask.<br />
<br />
5. a moth; 2 flying dragon like things conjoined and their tails with a minor deformidy.<br />
<br />
6. flip to it's side and looks like a boat passing a tree and it's reflection on the water below it.<br />
<br />
7. indians about to punch eachother<br />
<br />
8. a crown/ also looks like 2 pink demons climbing from h-e-double hocky sticks. and it looks like 2creatures climbing to the top of something and stepping on the chest of 2 bulking creatures.<br />
<br />
9.shaped i see formed is a cup of some sort. 2 blue things eating something and they have fire for hair. 2 pink conjoined babies( joined at the bottom.)<br />
<br />
10. evil duck thing with a pink cape/robe and it's killing 2 blue demons on either side of it. (the blue demons have green weapons and is going for the duck head.

they really haven't changed since the 10 years it was when i took this last<br />
<br />
1. an evil bat<br />
2.two ladies looking at each other<br />
3.a real nasty bug wearing a pink ribbon<br />
4.a giant<br />
5.a bat/moth<br />
6. a buckskin<br />
7.two ladies with plums in their hair looking at each other<br />
8.two wolf-like creatures walking up the side of a rock face<br />
9.some sort of insect<br />
10.some kind of water creature

Plate I: A twisted batarang<br />
Plate II: Two sitting animals clapping their hands together with clouds<br />
Plate III: Part of a tuxedo<br />
Plate IV: A necromancer<br />
Plate V: A butterfly that has been hit with a baseball bat but didn't broke apart<br />
Plte VI: A strange-shaped door that is closing<br />
Plate VII: A pit dugged by loonies<br />
Plate VIII: An abstract artwork that would be sold for millions<br />
Plate IX: Two angry pigs closely looking at each other<br />
Plate X: Actually, I'd say the same thing Selvaria said since I have no idea of what it is (other than colorful ink spots or a rorshach plate)

Awesome! A psychological test with the same name of the guy in Watchmen! I hope I'll get more than 50, unlike in school (though I don't go there anymore)<br />
<br />
1. An archdemon from Castlevania<br />
2. A bunny breathing fire with a bleeding leg and it's reflection<br />
3. Two mutants looking at a necktie while it's raining birds<br />
4. A tall dark mage with a long cape-coat blowed by the wind<br />
5. A nuked sausage<br />
6. A guitar seen by someone who don't wear his glasses<br />
7. Deer's rattles<br />
8. Strange small kangaroos climbing on someone who prepared himself for a hockey match<br />
9. A badass final magic used to defeat the final boss of a RPG<br />
10. The view of someone who smoke too much pot.

Me'sa wants improved accuracy of scientific data output. Avast !

Exactly my point. I think so.

No **** genius

@ Aeko: haha, you definitively have a dark side! <br />
<br />
@ Inoue: You have a lot of imagination! ; )<br />
<br />
@EccentricOne: This sounds normal!

1. a pelvis<br />
2. a moth<br />
3. Indian chief<br />
4. inside out pelvis<br />
5. Mardi Gras mask<br />
6. an explosion<br />
7. a party in Paris

I have taken this thing twice now. Let me take a look and see if I remember what I said then or just start over.

1 : an angel with six wings and 2 heads<br />
2 : two animals dancing around a big spinning top<br />
3 : an alien doing division like a cell<br />
4 : Fenrir or Baskerville<br />
5 : a bat with antennas<br />
6 : a huge flying double-headed fish <br />
7 : two big faces with arms on their forehead facing away coming out of a tornado surrounded by mist<br />
8 : a mask with little panthers on the side<br />
9 : 2 screaming zombie heads with a burst of fire<br />
10 : an amorphous interdimensionnal alien<br />
<br />
PS: A lot popped in my head when I saw the pictures so I had to struggle to give the very first idea they gave me

1-Grim Reaper<br />
2-a beheaded bear lying on the side that reflects<br />
3-some guy being teared in half<br />
4-a kind of dark entity with a hellhound at it's feet<br />
5-a raven or a bat<br />
6-a sword in a pool of blood<br />
7-smoke out of a crack<br />
8-a armless body with small animals stuck to it's sides<br />
9-a split skull<br />
10-a dismembered corpse with the organs spilled out