A Look At My Dark Side...


Her one wish...
By: AngelWriter.

Everyone has a wish, right? Of course, some want to find true love, some want to be rich, some want to have children, but Tori has a different wish, she wants to put all those who have hurt her in the pain she went through until she finally killed them. She wanted to slowly make them suffer, until, they begged for death. She wanted to torture them, put pain on them, She wanted them to feel the pain that she had felt for years and year.

Over time, she planned it in her head, her 1st victim was going to be her father, the man who was suppose to protect her, and keep her safe, from any harm, but in-fact, he was the very man who had hurt her so deeply, that she just wanted to die most nights, the man who had taken everything away from her.

On the night of April 12, Tori's father came home from work; he had eaten dinner that Tori's mother had prepared for him, while she went off to work the graveyard shift at the hospital. Tori knew that tonight was going to be the night that she would make her father pay for everything that he had ever done to her. Tonight was going to be the night that he would finally be punished for the pain…

After Tori's father had finished his dinner, he told Tori that he was going to head to his study to retrieve for the night. She acted like she normally did, told her father goodnight, and headed to her room, there she grabbed a nice 10 inch blade that she had bought about six months ago, when she had started planning on making all those who have hurt her the most suffer.

On her way to her father’s study, she turned the music on high, locked all the doors to the house, and grabbed a bottle of vodka from the Kitchen. She knew that this was it, there was no turning back now, that tonight he was going to pay, and there was no way of him getting out of this, he had brought this upon himself. There was no way he can escape now.

As she approaches the door, she hears nothing but the computer, it sounded like he was watching ****, and if he was ************ this was going to make it a lot easier than she thought it would be. Tori  knew that her father’s shotgun was in his top drawer, and it was fully loaded…She knew, that when she was finally done making him pay for the pain he had put on her, that she would shoot him and end his life.

Right before walking through the door, Tori  glanced at her watch, noticing that her mother would be home in about an hour, give or take, and realized that if she was going to do this, that she had to do it now, or else everything would be ruined.

Tori  turned the door handle, and walked into the room, seeing her father look straight up, yelling at her to get the hell out, he was caught off guard, and no one is ever allowed to go into his study, not even his wife. It was his place, and no one allowed in there, however, Tori, had NO plans what so ever in leaving, in fact she ran towards his, put the vodka, and the knife down on the desk, picked up his laptop, and threw it across the room, Once the laptop hit the wall, Alyssa’s father got up, and screamed “You are going to pay for that” and Tori, just stood there, laughing, and saying “No you are the one who is going to pay, Father!”

In the blink of an eye, Tori  Ran towards her father, and punched him dead in the face, it caught him so far off balance that he ended up falling back on the floor. She than grabbed the knife, and started stabbing at him over and over again, he tried fighting back, but there was no use,

Tori was on a roll, she was all fired up, she was going to make him may. She sliced up his arms, and legs, the weapons he used to hurt her for when she did something wrong. Than she dragged his pants to his knees, and started swinging at his ****, he screamed, in agony, and in pain. Stabbing him, and slicing up his ****, making him scream, and begging for me to stop. She took the knife and went up to his face, and sliced his face in a few spots, the face that she was scared of for so long, the face that made her have nightmares, the face that she was so scared to look at for fear of it coming back in the middle of the night.

When she had got done slicing his face up real good, she stabbed her father in the stomach a few more times, and got close to his face and whispered “now are you sorry for ever hurting me?” she reached for the bottle of Vodka, took a big gulp out of it, and poured some of it all over her father’s cuts, and all over the blood….

While he screamed in pain, and agony, and begged for her to stop, begged her to get some help, she just sat there, after a few minutes, of him screaming in pain, watching him cry, and say sorry over and over again, she reached into his top drawer and grabbed his shotgun. She than pointed it to his head and said “You will never hurt me, or anoyne else, ever again” and pulled the trigger…

After she knew he was dead, she grabbed the knife, grabbed the booze, put the gun into her pocket, and head to the bathroom, while in there, she took another gulp of the vodka, and cleaned off the blade. She headed into the kitchen. While in there, she herd her mother’s car pull up, She knew, that tonight would be the last night, her mother had put any pain on her again.

Tori's mother walked through the front door, and saw Tori in the kitchen washing some dishes. Her mother looked exhausted, and told her daughter, that it had been a long night, and she was going to take a hot bath, and if she could make her some hot tea, that would be great. Tori smiled, and said “of course mom, when it is done, I will bring it to you, you just relax and enjoy your bath” with that, her mother walked into her bedroom, which eventually led to the master bathroom, and proceeded to take a nice hot bath. Tori made her mother some hot tea, and with the tea in one hand, the blade and gun each in one pocket, and the vodka in another hand, she headed towards her mother’s bath…..

When she gets there, her mother is realaxing in the hot tub, totally zoned out. She knew this was her chance, her father was dead, never going to hurt again, and now she only had two more people to hurt, two more people to end their life, and the pain that they have put on her.

She walked into the bathroom, putting the vodka on the counter, and told her mother that she had her tea for her. She attempted to hand it to her, instead of handing in to her, she spilled it all over her mother’s chest, her mother Screamed in pain, the tea was very hot, and it had given her burns. She was screaming so loud.

Tori  reached for knife, and dropped down to her knees, and started to stab her mother over and over and over again in her chest, causing her mother to scream in agony. Tori watched her mother bleed, her mother tried to reach for Tori but she didn’t have the energy. Tori Kept stabbing her mother over and over again. Stabbed her for every time she turned blind eye to her father beating her up. Turned blind eye to every time her raped her in their own bed. Stabbed her, for every ******* time, that she didn’t have time to be there for Tori. She stabbed her mother repeatedly for every time she just didn’t care enough about Tori to help her!

After Tori stabbed her mother over and over and over again, she reached for the gun and looked at her mother and said “don’t you wish you loved me now” and pulled the trigger. With her mother dead, and her father dead, she knew there was only one more person in the world, who could hurt her, and now this person was going to die too.

Walking out of her mother’s bathroom, closing the door behind, she headed to where the phone was, and dialed 911, and when she got through she was frantic, and hysterical “Saying she had just killed her parents” and hung up the phone. She knew that within minutes the cops would be here, and that this was the time to make that last person, who has hurt her so bad. With that in mind. She walked to the Front door, unlocked it, and headed to her bedroom.

When she got into her bedroom, she drank some more vodka, and laid on the bed, with that, she took the gun to her head, and said, “now no one can ever hurt me again” and with that, she pulled the trigger…………………

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4 Responses Jul 12, 2010

Wonderfully dark with great emotion.

love the ending.. uh.. hmm.. maybe i shouldn't, but i have always had a soft spot for suicide.

Wow!!!!!! That was awesome! Good writing love.

I got chills.I hope that it was just a story but i know it could happen for real.I know of a youg woman that could of written this herself.She went through rape and beatings as a kid and is not having a good life because of it